Latin American Heritage Month

Latin American Heritage Month is September 15 through October 15 and is a time to pay tribute to the generations of Latin Americans who have positively enriched our society and culture. It's also a time for us to celebrate our Latino students and honor their diverse stories.

El mes de la Herencia Latino Americana es del 15 de Setiembre al 15 de Octubre, celebramos tributo a las generaciones Latino Americanos que han enriquecido positivamente nuestra sociedad y cultura. Es también tiempo para nosotros celebrar a nuestros estudiantes Latinos y honrar sus diversas historias.

Latin American Heritage Month Events

Voto Latino: Our Voice Matters! (Virtual Events)

Join us for an interactive conversation on voting within the Latinx Community. Panelist will share their experiences on why it is important. This conversation will be moderated by: Deanna Villanueva-Saucedo.

Virtual Event Info:
September 23rd, 2021 6pm


Latinx Living Library

The Latinx Living Library showcases humans as books, who engage in conversations with their readers as they tell their story. Food and Refreshments will be served. Come join as this event will be in person.

Event details:
October 28th, 2021
Navajo Room 1pm-4pm
Register Link Here:

¡Celebrar! (Celebrate)

Learn more about Latin American countries, people, and cultures by taking the All the Places You'll Go in Latin America virtual trip.

¡Juega a la Lotería! (Play Lotería!)

Play Loteria

Lotería, which means "lottery" in Spanish, is similar to numbers game Bingo. The game sees each player have a card with 16 images on them. The aim of the game is to match four images in a row or column on the "tabula" with the cards picked from a deck of 54 by the announcer. Once someone has four matching images—vertical or diagonal row, squared pattern, any other previously specified pattern—marked by token beans, they shout "Lotería!"

Cocinando (Cooking)

Latin American Recipe

What do you think of when you think of Latin American food? Try out a new recipe from a different country in the Latin American Heritage Month Recipes Showcase.