Android OS is a Google based operating system and typically has two options to an email account.

Gmail App
Email App

Please note that each Android device varies based on OS version and carrier customizations. For both options, these are only general instructions; your personal experience may vary, including the screenshots which serve as a general guide.

Gmail App

Select Settings. Usually this will be found in the Notification Panel.

Android Settings Icon

Select Accounts & Sync.

Android Accounts and Sync

Select Add.

Android Add Account

Select Google.

Android Add Account Google Option

Select Existing.

Android Existing Account Option

Enter your email address,

Enter your MEID password.

Press the right arrow or Next.

Android Existing Account Username and Password

If prompted to join Google+, select Not Now.

Android Join Google+ Not Now

Uncheck all the options except for the 5 listed in the screenshot below. Possibly also uncheck Sync Drive, if you don't use your Google Drive for your Maricopa Google Apps account

Android Sync Options

To check your mail, use the Gmail App.

Android Gmail App Icon

Email App

On your phone, press 'Home', then open the 'Email' application.

OR Press Menu from the Home screen, select Settings, select Accounts and Sync, select either New Account or Add Account.

Android Email Icon

Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Android Exchange Option

Enter Your Email Address

Enter Your Password

Select Next.

Android Exchange Username

Leave the Domain field blank

Enter your entire email address for the Username,

Select Next.

Android Exchange Username and Domain

Enter the Server Address:

Check the box: This server requires an encrypted SSL Connection.

Select Next.

Android Exchange Server Information

After the Verification completes you are presented the option to synchronize Mail, Contacts, and Calendars for your Hosted Exchange Mailbox.

Select Finish Setup  

Android Exchange Sync Options