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Several areas of MCC's web sites use code and popups in order to work and popups blockers that are turned on will prevent this. The following is a way to add MCC's site as an allowed site so one can leave popup blockers turned on, but still allow them to be used on MCC's web sites.

Instructions for...

Internet Explorer (Version 9 and higher)

Mozilla Firefox (Version 4 and higher)

Google Chrome (Version 10 and higher)

Safari (for Mac)

Internet Explorer

Click on the gear icon on the upper right, and then click "Internet Options". Internet Explorer Options Menu
Click on the Privacy tab. Internet Explorer Privacy Tab
Make sure that "Pop-Up Blocker" is checked and then click Settings. Internet Explorer Popup Blocker Checkmark
Add the phrase "*.maricopa.edu" to the list of allowed site. Click Close. Internet Explorer Add *.Maricopa.edu


Click the Firefox Button in the upper left, and the click "Options".

Firefox Options Menu
Click the Content tab. Make sure that "Block pop-up windows" is checked and click Exceptions. Firefox Content Exceptions
Add the phrase "*.maricopa.edu" to the list of allowed site. Click Close. Firefox Add *.Maricopa.edu


Click on the Wrench icon in the upper right, and then click "Settings". Chrome Wrench Menu
Click on "Advanced Settings" at the bottom. Chrome Advanced Settings
Click "Content Settings" under the Privacy section. Chrome Content Settings
Scroll down and click the Manage Exceptions button under the Pop-ups heading. Chrome Manage Exceptions
Enter the text "[*.]maricopa.edu" (with the quotations) in the box and click OK. Click OK again. Chrome Add *.Maricopa.edu


Click on the Preferences option in the Safari Menu. Safari Preferences Tab

Click on Security.

Remove the check from Block Pop Ups.

Safari Security Tab