Navigation / Important Tips

Helpful Menus

Look for the Announcements, To Do, and Recent Feedback areas when you first log into Canvas.

To Do/Coming Up

Upcoming assignments will be highlighted in the To Do and Coming Up menus so you can quickly see what you need ‘To Do’ within the next week.

Recent Feedback

Recent grades will appear under the Recent Feedback menu.

Global Menus

Review the menus at the top of Canvas

Courses (and Groups)

Click on a course or group in the drop down list to access one of your courses/groups. Hint: don’t click on the menu, simply highlight your mouse over it.


List of upcoming assignments in all of your classes.


List of grades in all of your classes.


Global calendar of due dates from all of your classes.


Send a message to your instructor or other students in your classes through the Inbox. Type in part of their name and it should auto-fill in for you. Send text, attachments or an audio message.


Set your profile picture and/or setup your Notifications within the Profile menu.

Ways to Contact

Add an alternate e-mail address, a cell phone, a Facebook account, or a Twitter account. Hint: uncheck the box if you don’t want other students to see you have a Facebook/Twitter account.


Tell Canvas what information you want to receive to your ‘Ways to Contact’ and how often. Hint : try once a day at first until you are familiar with how often messages get sent to you. Select Announcements and/or Conversation messages to start.