Financial Aid

Maximum Time Frame

Maximum Time Frame is reached when a student has attempted 150% of the published credits it takes to complete their program plan here at MCC. *  

If you have reached your Maximum Time Frame for your program of study you are not meeting the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress  (SAP). If you would like to be offered financial aid, you will need to appeal to try to reinstate your financial aid eligibility.

To appeal for the Maximum Time Frame measure submit the following:

  • an MTF Appeal form 
  • an Academic Plan/Restricted Course List completed and signed by an MCC Academic Advisor
  •  a typed statement explaining the reason you've reached your MTF
  • academic transcripts (may be unofficial) from other schools if they have not been transferred, evaluated and accepted by MCC 

All Appeals must be submitted to the Enrollment Center or Enrollment Services by the semester deadline dates printed on the MTF Appeal cover sheet or the Financial Aid Important Dates.  

Your appeal decision will be sent to your Student Center Message Center.  Read your MTF appeal decision to ensure that you understand the decision and any stipulations set for you by the SAP Appeals Committee.  Please check with us if you're unsure of your requirements.

For students who had to appeal for MTF:

  • You must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits approved on your MTF Restricted Course List. 
  • You must meet the requirements set for you by the SAP Appeals Committee.
  • If you do not meet the stipulations set for you by the SAP Appeals Committee you may become ineligible for aid.
  • You cannot submit a 2nd MTF Appeal for a new program of study unless you have completed the degree/certificate that was approved on your 1st MTF Appeal
  • A degree audit will be required for all MTF appeals.

For the full Maricopa Community Colleges Standards of SAP for Financial Aid Eligibility in PDF format click here.

*Attempted = classes taken and passed for credit; or classes taken but withdrew from, or failed. 

Maintain Your Eligibility

If you want to keep receiving financial aid make sure you maintain your eligibility.

Meet Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress

The U.S. Department of Education requires us to evaluate and monitor the Satisfactory Academic Progress of all students applying for Federal Student Aid. We are required to review all semesters and courses taken here at MCC and any credits that have been transferred in from other schools. This is regardless of whether federal student aid (financial aid) was received for those semesters or classes. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress is determined at the end of each semester a student is enrolled in.

There are three measurements of Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Pace Measurement  

To meet SAP, students must be completing ⅔ or 66.67 % of all credits they’ve attempted at MCC and any credits they have transferred in.

  • GPA 

A minimum appropriate cumulative GPA is required. 

Total Credits Attempted Minimum GPA
less-than 16 credits 1.60
16 - 30.75  1.75
31 - 45.75 1.90
46 or more  2.00
  • Maximum Time Frame 

A student will reach Maximum Time Frame once they have attempted 150% the number of credits it takes to earn their degree.   If you reach your Maximum Time Frame for your program of study you will not be meeting SAP.

Appeal Process for Not Meeting Standards of SAP

If it has been determined that you have not met SAP, you can appeal to try to reinstate your eligibility.

  • For students not meeting SAP due to GPA and/or Paceyou will be required to submit a SAP Appeal. Please include a typed statement and supporting documents explaining the extenuating circumstances that caused you not to meet the Standards of SAP. 
  •  If you’ve reached your MTF you will need to meet with an Academic Advisor who will complete and sign your Academic Plan/Restricted Course List part of the MTF Appeal.  
  • Please follow the instructions on the SAP or MTF Appeal to prevent processing delays
  • All appeal forms must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office or Enrollment Services by the semester deadline dates printed on the cover sheet or the Financial Aid Important Dates 

Go to  Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for complete SAP information. 

Complete a FAFSA for Each Academic Year 

The FAFSA is specific to one academic year.  If you want to continue to receive financial aid make sure to complete a FAFSA for every school year. It's recommended that you complete a new FAFSA as early as possible.

Keep Your Student Loans In Good Standing

Keeping your student loan(s) in good standing is important if you want to continue to receive financial aid. If you have a student loan in default you will not be eligible to receive any type of federal student aid until your loan is in good standing.  

Continue to Meet Basic Eligibility Requirements 

It's important to continue to meet the eligibility requirements for federal student aid.   

Visit MCCCD Student Financial Assistance administrative regulations for more information. 


Receiving Your Funds

Your financial aid award is automatically applied to your student account balance after your classes start (see Important Dates).  

Exclamation point Please Remember

All students are responsible for any tuition or fees not covered by financial aid. 

  • If you accepted a financial aid award that covers your account balance you will be held in your classes.

  • If your financial aid award is less than your account balance, you are responsible to make payment arrangements for the remaining charges. Review your payment options at

Direct deposit to your bank account or to a reloadable debit card is available.  To receive your funds by direct deposit you will need to enroll with Nelnet by doing the following:

  1. Log into your Student Center at
  2. Scroll down to the Finances section
  3. Click on Manage Refunds 
  4. Follow the prompts to select your refund method and enter the required information

If you don’t sign up for direct deposit you’ll receive your financial aid refund as a paper check.  Paper checks can take 10-15 days to receive once the funds have been applied to your school account. 

For more information go to the Maricopa Student Refund Program 

Check the Important Dates to see when financial aid funds will disburse.

    Complete the FAFSA

    The FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

    Complete your FAFSA at

    MCC Federal School Code 001077

    Dependent student? You need parent's info

    • Your parent will need a FSA ID to sign your FAFSA
    • Parent(s)' SSN
    • Parent Alien Registration Number, if applicable
    • Parent's Federal Income Tax Return and W-2's
    • Parent's records of Untaxed Income

    Before you start the FAFSA gather the following information:

    • your Social Security Number
    • your FAFSA ID
    • MCC's Federal School Code - 001077
    • your driver license number, if you have one
    • your Alien Registration number, if you're not a U.S. citizen
    • your federal tax return and W-2 information (if applicable)
    • your spouse's federal tax return and W-2 information, if you're married
    • your parent's federal tax return and W-2 information if it's determined that you're a dependent student
    • your spouse's records of untaxed income, if you're married
    • you parent's records of untaxed income if it's determined that you're a dependent student

    After FAFSA Submission

    After your FAFSA has been received and processed by the Department of Education, you will receive an email with your Student Aid Report and potential eligibility. (This is NOT an award — you are not done yet). If you have been admitted to MCC, we will receive your FAFSA information in 3-5 business days. We use your FAFSA information to determine your financial aid eligibility and to determine if there are any other items (such as verificationinformation) you must complete.

    Determining Financial Aid Eligibility

    Watch Videos About the FAFSA

    Federal Work-Study

    The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is funded by the federal government. This funding provides employment opportunities for students with financial eligibility, allowing them to earn money to help finance the cost of their education.

    FWS Eligibility Requirements

    Work-study is a form of federal financial aid and has certain eligibility requirements. To be eligible for FWS you must:

    • have your completed FAFSA information at MCC
      and have MCC's Federal School Code: 001077
    • have unmet financial need
    • be enrolled in 6 or more credit hours
    • meet Satisfactory Academic Progress

    If you are interested in participating in the FWS program, visit the Enrollment Center at Southern and Dobson or Enrollment Services at Red Mountain to see if you're eligible.

    Federal Work-Study Is A Real Job

    As a work-study job applicant, you are applying for a real job that will teach you valuable work skills. The FWS application process is highly competitive as there are many FWS students and limited FWS jobs on campus. Prepare for interviews, bring an up-to-date resume, and remember to mention any previous experience and/or skills you possess.

    If you need assistance with your interview skills, writing a resume, or finding a campus job please go to Career Services.

    Student workers can work up to 19.5 hours a week on campus and receive a paycheck every two weeks for the hours they've worked.

    Steps to Getting Federal Work-Study

    FWS Frequently Asked Questions

    Watch Videos about Federal Work Study

    2019-2020 Important Dates

    Disbursement dates apply only to students who received a Financial Aid Award notification in their Message Center at If you're awarded financial aid after the semester has started, book advance dates and financial aid/loan disbursement dates may not apply to you.

    Financial aid refunds will be deposited to your bank account or prepaid debit card after you are awarded and if you've set up Direct Deposit. Otherwise, refunds will be mailed. Allow 2-7 business days after the dates listed for direct deposit and 10-14 business days for refunds that were mailed.

    Important Dates FALL 2019 SPRING 2020
    Semester start date 8/17/2019 1/11/2020

    Start of book advance disbursements*

    These are the earliest dates that book advances will be processed for the semester. Holidays and weekends may delay Book Advance processing times. For more information go to Book Advances

    9 business days prior to your earliest class start date
    Consortium agreement due date*
    Semester start and end dates for the Host school and MCC must coincide.
    8/26/2019 1/21/2020

    Pell recalculation date*
    Last day to adjust your class schedule if you are Pell grant eligible. Pell grant amounts will not increase for classes added after this date.

    8/26/2019 1/21/2020
    Start of FA disbursements (subject to change without notice)* 8/29/2019 1/24/2020
    1st loan disbursement 8/29//2019 1/24/2020
    30-day delay*
    Loan disbursement dates for 1st-year students who are 1st-time student-loan borrowers.
    9/17/2019 2/11/2020
    2nd loan disbursement (if awarded for one semester only) 10/15/2019 3/24/2020
    End of book advance disbursements 11/15/2019 4/12/2020
    Semester end date 12/13/2019 5/8/2020
    SAP Appeal and MTF Appeal priority due date 7/18/2019 N/A
    SAP Appeal and MTF Appeal due date 10/11/2019 3/6/2020

    * NOTE:

    • Fall 2019 semester classes starting after 8/26/2019 are considered late-start classes. Funds for late-start classes will disburse 5 business days after your earliest class.
    • Spring 2020 semester classes starting after 1/20/2020 are considered late-start classes. Funds for late-start classes will disburse 5 business days after your earliest class.
    • If you do not maintain your original level of enrollment; full-time (12+ credit hours), 3/4 time (9 - 11.5 credits), or half-time (6-8.5 credit hours), have not attended or dropped your late-starting classes, or your class(es) gets canceled, your aid will be adjusted accordingly and you may incur a debt.

    Study Abroad Financial Planning

    Study Abroad Financial Aid Planning Session

    Need More Info?

    Financial Aid Outreach

    Building: 39
    P: 480-461-7441

    2019 Study Abroad Financial Aid Presentation

    Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator:
    Yvonne Schmidt

    Office: 36N - Room: Office 710
    P. 480-461-7870
    F. 480-461-7139 (fax)

    Learn how to plan for your study abroad trip using your financial aid and scholarship resources.

    You will learn:

    • To create a budget for study abroad

    • Potential funding sources

    • How Summer financial aid works for study abroad


    Need More Info?

    Financial Aid Outreach

    Building: 39
    Toll-Free 855-622-2332

    Learn how to apply for multiple scholarship opportunities available through MCC and other private organizations.

    Applying for Scholarships

    RSVP Not Required

    Don't miss this opportunity to learn about  Scholarships.

    All Financial Aid workshops are in Building  EC 39  Room 115 

    You will learn:

    • How to apply for scholarships online
    • How to search for scholarships and other resources

    Writing Your Scholarship Essay

    You will learn:

    • What a scholarship essay entails
    • How to prepare your scholarship essay
    • What to avoid when answering scholarship questions
    • How to recycle your essays

    Financial Aid Literacy

    Need More Info?

    Financial Aid Outreach

    Building: 39
    P: 480-461-7441 

    The Financial Aid Outreach team would like you to join us in our upcoming events and workshops to learn how you can maintain your financial aid, develop financial skills, learn scholarship resources and more. 

    Repayment of Student Loans

    You will learn:

    RSVP Not Required

    Don't miss this opportunity to learn about  Financial Literacy.

    All Financial Aid workshops are in Building  EC 39  Room 115 

    • What type of repayment options are available
    • How to make repayments to your student loans
    • How to enroll into student loan repayments

    Applying for Financial Aid

    You will:

    • Create your FSA ID
    • Apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

    Completing Your "To Do" List

    You will learn:

    • How to navigate your To Do List on
    • How to read your To Do List items
    • How to complete any items needed to be awarded

    Don't Lose Your Financial Aid

    You will learn:

    • How to avoid losing your financial aid
    • What is the appeal process is when you lose your financial aid
    • Available resources and options

    Maximum Time Frame Appeal

    You will learn:

    • Why you need to complete a Maximum Time Frame
    • How to keep track of your Maximum Time Frame


    You will learn:

    • About scholarships
    • The process when applying for scholarships
    • Available resources and options


    You will learn:

    • How to budget and save your money
    • Create a budget to fit your lifestyle
    • Learn about available resources


    You will learn:

    • How to borrow wisely to minimize your debt
    • To understand the responsibilities as a credit card/loan borrower
    • To understand Financial Aid loan and Pell Grant eligibility limits


    You will learn:

    • Understanding Credit
    • Building good credit
    • Reading and understanding a credit report