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Most of the links below are local to Arizona to help support our local economy! This is by no means a comprehensive "Green" list but is meant as a starting point for your research into living a "Greener" lifestyle.

Arizona Resources

Other Sustainability Measures

We offer academic certificates in sustainability!! All the course information can be found here: Sustainability Certificate

ACUPCC was the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment. A former President of MCC was one of the first signers of the commitment back in 2008. Since then, over 675 colleges and universities across the country have made their commitment.

ACUPCC was a lot of letters to remember, so it is now simply called "The Climate Commitment". It is organized by a network called Second Nature.

As part of the commitment, MCC is required to produce and publish several different reports documenting our sustainability efforts, greenhouse gas emissions, emission reduction goals, and progress.

Public reporting is our way to demonstrate to external audiences the seriousness with which we implement our commitment.

Climate Commitment Sustainability and Progress Reports