We are not currently hiring. When we are hiring, we will update this part of the website with hiring info.

Service Learning

We are sometimes in need of help with miscellaneous duties, such as cleaning bins, breaking down boxes, collecting magazines from newsstands, event assistance, etc. We can sometimes offer hours to anyone needing to fulfill service learning hours or community service time. Please contact to inquire if we currently have openings.  An AZDL is not required for this type of volunteer service.

Be a Barrel Volunteer

Contact recycling if you would like to volunteer to roll a barrel to the curb each week. It's as simple as it sounds and even though it doesn't sound like much, it helps our team a lot! We roll out approximately 40 barrels each week, so any assistance at all is very much appreciated. We will let you know which barrel is yours and where to roll it. The City of Mesa barrels are to be placed at designated curbs on Tuesdays and will be emptied by the city around 6am Wednesdays. Recycling Collectors will remove the barrels from the curbs.

Volunteers currently needed for PS, LS, and AS building barrels.