There are several different types of recycling bins at the Southern/Dobson location.

Recycling bins should always be located directly next to a trash can. This provides easy access to and encourages recycling as well as helping to reduce contamination in recycling bins. Please do NOT move bins around; they are all noted on maps that are used as part of the daily recycling collection process.

Flat Top Duo

Bin TypesFlat Top Duo There are approximately 20 sets of these matching outdoor bins located around campus. They were purchased with a grant in 2008. They are made of 100% recycled plastic lumber and recycled aluminum. The recycle bin is to be used for drink containers and small amounts of paper. 

Slim Jim

Slim JimSlim Jim

These are called Slim Jim bins and are made of recycled content. They are found in some outdoor areas and many offices, hallways, and classrooms. Some have a blue lid and are designated for paper only since MCC can make a small amount of money by recycling clean paper. Those with the green lid are for drink containers and small quantities of paper. These are purchased and provided by the Recycling Team.  All of them are documented on a map and put on a collection schedule, so please do not remove or relocate these bins without first discussing with a member of the Recycling Team. If you have them in a classroom, they MUST remain directly next to the trash can.

Toter Bin

Toter BinToter Bin

There are dozens of these City of Mesa rolling barrels on campus. They are placed in areas where it is convenient for the Recycling Team to access them and are meant to collect cups, cans, bottles, and other 1-7 plastics (except  Styrofoam and  plastic bags ).  Cardboard and  paper are collected separately at MCC and should not go into these containers. (Large amounts of paper are very heavy and will prevent the bin from being moved. It can also crack the bottom of the barrel.) We roll them to designated curbs around campus once per week for collection. The city provides these to MCC at no cost. We are also able to obtain temporary "special event" barrels from the city, which are the same barrels but with a hole in the top for ease of recycling by participants at very large events such as Special Olympics and Commencement.

Deskside Bin

Deskside BinDeskside Bin

These types of 'deskside' bins are purchased by your department. The part-time recycling collectors are unable to track and access every deskside bin on campus, so bins purchased by the department and kept in individual workspaces will need to be emptied by the bin owner into the larger bin(s) in the common areas, separating paper where designated.

Alcoa Bin

Alcoa BinAlcoa Bin

These bins are used in some areas to collect paper, and they are also used for temporary projects such as when a department purges old files. They will also be used at events from time to time. If you need some of these bins for a project, please contact the Recycling Team.