Certificate of Completion in Micro Circuit Mask Design

Micro Circuit Mask Design

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CCL Micro Circuit Mask Design

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The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Micro Circuit Mask Design program prepares students to work in the microcircuit design field. The program emphasizes current technological trends in the industry and is designed both for those planning to enter a career in the field as well as for those already working in the field who want to advance and update their knowledge and skills.

Program Prerequisites

CSC100 Introduction to Computer Science for Non-Computer Majors 3

ELE101 Beginning Algebra for Technology 3

Course Sequence by Term

The following is a suggested course sequence by term for the pathway.  Students should keep in mind the items below that affect their success in completing the pathway as listed:

  • The course sequence is laid out by suggested term.  It is understood that students may enter the program at different times of the year.
  • Academic achievement is related to initial course placement determined by course placement tests, completion of 100-200 level course pre-/corequisites,  any courses below 100 level, and program prerequisites.
  • Students should meet with an academic advisor, or program director, or counselor who can assist in assessing student needs that may affect course enrollment.  Appropriate resources can be discussed and agreed to in order to address student needs and support successful course completion.

Program Area Key:

  • Critical Rdg = Critical Reading
  • FYC = First Year Composition
  • HUM = Humanities, Arts and Design
  • Mathematics = Mathematics
  • NS = Natural Science
  • Oral Comm = Oral Communication
  • PP = Program Prerequisite
  • SB = Social-Behavioral Sciences
  • RC = Required Courses
  • RE = Restricted Electives

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for each course listed in the Required Courses area

Term 1

Course Name Requisites Notes Credits
RC DFT110 Technical Drafting I 3
RC DFT252AA Computer Aided Drafting I: Autocad 3
RC ELE105 Algebra-Trigonometry for Technology 5

Term 2

Course Name Requisites Notes Credits
RC DFT254AA Computer Aided Drafting II: AutoCAD 3
RC ELE111 Circuit Analysis I 4
RC ELE131 Digital Logic and Circuits 3

Term 3

Course Name Requisites Notes Credits
RC DFT245AA Integrated Circuit Design - CMOS IA 3
RC DFT240 Cadence Virtuoso XL 3
RC GTC296WC Cooperative Education 3

Term 4

Course Name Requisites Notes Credits
RC ELE181 Computer Programming for Technology 3
RC DFT245AB Integrated Circuit Design - CMOS IB 3

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All information is administered by the Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation at Maricopa County Community College District and published is subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information presented, but based on the dynamic nature of the curricular process, course and program information is subject to change in order to reflect the most current information available.

View MCCCD's program website for the Certificate of Completion in Micro Circuit Mask Design (http://aztransmac2.asu.edu/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MCCCD.woa/wa/freeForm?id=97200).

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