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Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses required within the program. This program is not eligible for Title IV Federal Financial Aid. ++ indicates any suffixed courses.

The Academic Certificate (AC) in Language Studies is designed to provide students with a foundation in the study of culture, language, and linguistic structures. Students will have the opportunity to develop oral and written communication skills in a language other than English.

Program Prerequisites Credits: 0-15

201-level proficiency in a language other than English as indicated by assessment or coursework.

Required Courses Credits: 6-8

SLC201Introduction to Linguistics3
Students must choose 3-5 credits in 202 or higher-level coursework in the language used to satisfy the program prerequisites.

Restricted Electives

Students must choose two (2) courses from the list below. Prerequisites may not be used to satisfy the Restricted Electives:
AFR/ASB/CCS202Ethnic Relations in the United States (3) OR
SOC241Racial and Ethnic Minorities (3)3
COM263Elements of Intercultural Communication3
AHU+++ Any AHU Arabic Humanities course
ARB+++ Any ARB Arabic course
CHI+++ Any CHI Chinese course
FLA+++ Any FLA Foreign Language Acquisition course
FRE+++ Any FRE French course
GER+++ Any GER German course
GRK+++ Any GRK Greek course
HBR+++ Any HBR Hebrew course
HEB+++ Any HEB Hebrew course
IPP+++ Any IPP Interpreter Preparation Program course
ITA+++ Any ITA Italian course
ITH+++ Any ITA Italian Humanities course
JPN+++ Any JPN Japanese course
LAT+++ Any LAT Latin course
NAV+++ Any NAV Navajo course
NVH+++ Any NVH Navajo Humanities course
PIM+++ Any PIM Pima course
POR+++ Any POR Portuguese course
RUS+++ Any RUS Russian course
SLC+++ Any SLC Studies in Language and Culture course
SLG+++ Any SLG Sign Language course
SPA+++ Any SPA Spanish course
SPH+++ Any SPH Spanish Humanities course
TRS+++ Any TRS Translation and Interpretation course

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Major: 6237N
First Term: 2017 Spring
Final Term: Current
Award: AC
Total Credits: 12-18
CIPS code: 16.0199
Initiating College: Rio Salado College
Program Availability: - GCC MCC RSC
Occupational Area: N/A
Instructional Council: Languages (29)
GPA: 2.00