Certificate of Completion in Instructional Assistance

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Academic Plan

CCL Instructional Assistance

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Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses required within the program. ++ indicates any suffixed courses.

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Instructional Assistance program is designed to prepare students to assist the classroom teacher in grades K through 12. Program requirements include coursework in foundations of education and language as well as practical application coursework, including a practicum within a classroom setting.

Program Prerequisites


Required Courses Credits: 18

CFS/ECH176Child Development3
EDU220Introduction to Serving English Language Learners (ELL)3
EDU221Introduction to Education3
EDU222Introduction to the Exceptional Learner3
EDU230Cultural Diversity in Education3
EDU/ENH291Children's Literature3

Restricted Electives

Restricted Electives (BPC110 or CIS105), COM225, and (ENG101 or ENG107) courses are recommended if completing coursework for the Associate in Arts Elementary Education (AAEE) degree.
BPC110Computer Usage and Applications (3) OR
CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems (3)3
COM225Public Speaking3
EDU101A+Tutor Training and Practicum (any suffixed course)1-3
EDU236Classroom Relationships3
EDU282A+Service-Learning Experience in Education (any suffixed course)1-3
EDU/HUM/STO292The Art of Storytelling3
ECH/EDU298A+Special Projects (any suffixed course)3
ENG101First-Year Composition (3) OR
ENG107First-Year Composition for ESL (3)3
Any foreign language course3-4

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Major: 5119
First Term: 2016 Spring
Final Term: Current
Award: CCL
Total Credits: 27
CIPS code: 13.1501
Initiating College: Mesa Community College
Program Availability: - MCC SMC
Occupational Area: Education and Training
Instructional Council: Education (56)
GPA: 2.00

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