Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Musical Theatre

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Field of Interest

Field of Interest: Visual and Performing Arts

The Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Musical Theatre degree provides a foundation in performance and production practices in music, theatre, and dance. The degree is designed to prepare students to meet selective admission criteria for programs, such as the Bachelor of Musical Theatre, which may require an audition.


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Field of Interest
Visual and Performing Arts
Associate Degree
Academic Plan
Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Musical Theatre (DEG)
Academic Plan Code
Total Credits Required
Program Notes

Students must earn a grade of C or better in each course in the program.

Some courses may require permission of instructor and/or audition for placement. For enrollment in private instruction for voice, consult the college music department.

Because transfer requirements vary by program and institution, students intending to transfer are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic and faculty advisor once they have selected their transfer institution to ensure all requirements for achieving junior standing are satisfied.

This program will be replaced by: AAFA/8314 Associate in Arts, Fine Arts, Emphasis in Musical Theatre

Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges to earn a degree with this emphasis.

What You’ll Learn

This degree will help you gain the expertise needed to:

  1. Demonstrate fundamental technical and artistic proficiency in singing, dancing, and acting.
  2. Create convincing characters through techniques in voice, movement, and interpretation.
  3. Locate and evaluate multiple sources of information in order to inform performance.
  4. Examine and interpret relevant historical and cultural context to inform individual performance and the production process.
  5. Integrate the unique characteristics, complexities, and best practices of the performing arts to inform individual performance and the production process.
  6. Interpret and apply constructive feedback as appropriate.
  7. Collaborate effectively by identifying the importance of individual roles and contributions, diverse experiences, and opinions.
  8. Apply the required time, focus, and acquired skills to achieve short, mid-, and long term goals.
  9. Develop and employ an effective collection of audition/portfolio materials to highlight relevant aspects of music, dance, and theatrical abilities.
  10. Adhere to ethical standards and current practices related to intellectual property and copyright laws, permissions, and revision of source material.
  11. Communicate effectively in written, verbal, and nonverbal forms.

Required Courses

Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
Music Theory
MTC101Introduction to Music Theory3
MTC105Music Theory I (3) AND
MTC106Aural Perception I (1)
MTC155Music Theory II (3) AND
MTC156Aural Perception II (1)
MTC205Music Theory III (3) AND
MTC206Aural Perception III (1)
MTC255Music Theory IV (3) AND
MTC256Aural Perception IV (1)3-4
Private Voice Instruction
MUP101AAPrivate Instruction: Voice (1) OR
MUP102AAPrivate Instruction: Voice (2)1-2
MUP151AAPrivate Instruction: Voice (1) OR
MUP152AAPrivate Instruction: Voice (2)1-2
MUP202AAPrivate Instruction: Voice2
MUP252AAPrivate Instruction: Voice2
Class Piano
MUP131Class Piano I (1) OR
MUP132Class Piano II (1) OR
MUP231Class Piano III (1) OR
MUP232Class Piano IV (1)1
Music Theatre Workshop and Production
Students must complete at least one credit of MUP/THP273.
MUP/THP273Music Theatre Workshop Production 1 (may be completed for credit twice)
MUP/THP270Musical Theatre Workshop (2) OR
MUP/THP270AAMusical Theatre Workshop (1) (may be completed for credit twice)1-2
THP112Acting I3
THP212Acting II3
Technical Theatre
THP213Introduction to Technical Theatre (4)
DAN210Dance Production I (3) AND
THP201AATheatre Production I (1) OR
THP202AATheatre Production I Scene Shop (1)4
Movement and Voice
COM/THP271Voice and Diction (3) OR
THP131Stage Movement(3)3
Select a total of five credits from the following list. No more than two courses can be selected from each of the following areas.
Music Theatre
DAN129Musical Theatre Dance I1
DAN130Musical Theatre Dance II1
DAN229Musical Theatre Dance III1
DAN230Musical Theatre Dance IV1
DAN104++Any Ballroom Course1
DAN204++Any Ballroom Course1
DAN106AALatin I1
DAN106ABLatin II1
DAN206AALatin III1
DAN206ABLatin IV1
DAN133Jazz Dance I1
DAN136Jazz Dance II1
DAN233Jazz Dance III1
DAN233AAJazz Dance III: Intensive2
DAN236Jazz Dance IV1
DAN236AAJazz Dance IV: Intensive2
DAN131Ballet I1
DAN134Ballet II1
DAN231Ballet III1
DAN231AABallet III: Intensive2
DAN234Ballet IV1
DAN234AABallet IV: Intensive2
DAN132Modern Dance I1
DAN135Modern Dance II1
DAN232Modern Dance III1
DAN232AAModern Dance III: Intensive2
DAN235Modern Dance IV1
DAN235AAModern Dance IV: Intensive2
DAN140Tap Dance I1
DAN145Tap Dance II1
DAN240Tap Dance III1
DAN245Tap Dance IV1
Hip Hop
DAN102++Any Hip Hop Course1
DAN202++Any Hip Hop Course1

Restricted Electives

Restricted Electives
Course #Course TitleCredits
Select an elective course within the area of Dance, Music and Theatre in consultation with that Faculty Program advisor and/or the Visual and Performing Arts student success analyst. Courses cannot be used to satisfy Required Courses.
DAN+++++Any Dance Course
MUP+++++Any Music Course
THP+++++Any Theatre Course

General Education Requirements

Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC)
AGEC-ACredits: 35-44
A single course with an [HU], [SB], [L], or [SG/SQ] designation may also be used to satisfy the Oral Communication, Critical Reading, or Awareness Area ([C], [G] and/or [H]) requirement(s). See the AGEC Matrix for course designations.
First-Year Composition [FYC]Credits: 6
ENG101First-Year Composition (3) OR
ENG107First-Year Composition for ESL (3) AND
ENG102First-Year Composition (3) OR
ENG108First-Year Composition for ESL (3)6
Literacy and Critical Inquiry [L]Credits: 3
THE220Modern Drama3
Mathematics [MA]Credits: 3-6
MAT141College Mathematics (4) OR
MAT142College Mathematics (3) OR
MAT145College Mathematics with Review (5) OR
MAT146College Mathematics with Review (6) OR
Any higher approved general education course in the Mathematical Applications [MA] area3-6
Computer/Statistics/Quantitative Applications [CS]Credits: 3
Any approved general education course in the Computer/Statistics/Quantitative Applications [CS] area.3
Recommended: MTC180 Computer Literacy for Musicians3
Humanities, Arts and Design [HU]Credits: 6
MHL146Survey of Broadway Musicals3
DAH100Introduction to Dance (3) OR
DAH250Dance in Popular Culture (3) OR
THE111Introduction to Theatre (3)3
Social-Behavioral Sciences [SB]Credits: 6
COM100Introduction to Human Communication3
Any approved general education courses in the Social-Behavioral Sciences [SB] area.3
Natural Sciences [SG]/[SQ]Credits: 8
Any approved general education course in the Natural Sciences (Quantitative) [SQ] area4
Any approved general education course in the Natural Sciences (Quantitative) [SQ] area or the Natural Sciences (General) [SG] area4
Subject OptionsCredits: 0
Awareness AreasCredits: 0-6
Recommend sharing these requirements with Core Requirements.
Cultural Diversity in the US [C]Credits: 0-3
Historical/Global Awareness [H]/[G]Credits: 0-3
Any approved general education course with the Historical [H] or Global [G] awareness area designation.0-3
MCCCD Additional Requirements
MCCCD Additional RequirementsCredits: 0-3
Courses in this area may also be applied to the AGEC Core Requirements. To minimize total credits required for degree and maximize transferable credits, it is recommended that courses be selected that meet more than one requirement wherever possible.
Oral CommunicationCredits: 0
Met by COM100 Introduction to Human Communication in Social and Behavioral Sciences Area.
Critical ReadingCredits: 0-3
CRE101College Critical Reading and Critical Thinking (3) OR
Equivalent as indicated by assessment (0)0-3

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