Get Your GED

Community Outreach Center will NOT be offering GED preparation classes this Fall 2020

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Maybe you had to leave high school because of family; you wanted to be there for them during difficult times or to help raise a child.

Maybe you felt you just didn't “fit in” at the high school you attended, or maybe you didn't think you would need a high school diploma for the path you wanted to pursue. But now that you don't have it, you can understand just how important a high school diploma is. Every year hundreds of thousands of people get their High School Equivalency Diplomas- now it's your turn.

The Benefits

Getting A Better Job

A vast majority of the jobs in this country require an employee to have earned a high school diploma. Official GED Transcripts are accepted by the majority of employers as a high school diploma equivalency.

Feeling Self-Respect

By earning your GED diploma you will feel a sense of pride as you have accomplished something that will better your life, and have proved to yourself that you can do anything you set their minds to.

Continuing Your Education

Once you receive your GED you can go on to college. A GED is accepted at an overwhelming majority of colleges and universities in place of a high school diploma. Sometimes colleges and universities offer scholarship programs for those with a GED.

Investing In Your Future

What you learn, you pass on to your children. Developing healthy learning habits will help you transfer these habits to your children. The knowledge you accumulate in order to pass your GED test will be integral in your own child's future.

Our Offerings

GED to MCC Program

The GED to MCC program is specifically designed for community college-bound learners.

English Classes for Non-Credit Courses

Classes to help people to communicate in English through the development of skills in listening and observing, speaking, reading and writing.