Special Thanks

On behalf of Dr. Pearson and Dr. Glasper, we wish to thank Chancellor Maria Harper-Marinick and President Sasan Poureetazadi for their participation and support of this forum. 

Dr. Rufus Glasper and Guest Plenary Panel

  • Mr. Gene D'Adamo- President & CEO, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust
  • Ms. Suzanne Pfister- President & CEO, Vitalyst Health Foundation
  • Mr. Vince Roig- President & CEO, Helios Education Foundation
  • Dr. Steve Seleznow- President & CEO- Arizona Community Foundation

Examples of Innovation Presentations

Education & Workforce Development
Dr. Linda Collins- Department Chair, Mesa Community College
Ms. Nina Jaleeli- Account Executive, Apple Education

Community Partnerships & Advocacy
Ms. Robin Arredondo-Savage- Vice Mayor, City of Tempe

Food Security, Transportation & Housing
Ms. Diana Yazzie Devine- President Native American Connections

Philanthropy & Scholarship
Mr. Rich Nickel- President & CEO, College Success Arizona
Mr. Jaime Casap-Chief Education Evangelist, Google Inc.

Advisory Council

  • Dr. Sonya Pearson - Co-Chair
  • Dr. Rufus Glasper - Co-Chair
  • Dr. Monica Sharma - Keynote Speaker, Trainer
  • Jaime Casap - Guest Speaker
  • Bill Clites
  • Rod Golden
  • Tom Kusek
  • Jim Larney
  • Leah Palmer
  • Eddie Webb

Steering Committee

  • Dr. Sonya Pearson - Chair
  • Luis Ellis
  • Wallace Graham
  • Michael Kelly
  • Carmen Lorenzana
  • Monica Margaillan 
  • Kathleen Perales
  • Melissa Turnbull
  • Delia Vital