MCC Online Offers Quality

MCC Online Offers Quality

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Getting a quality education depends largely on two factors – your active participation and an experienced, engaged faculty. A vast majority of MCC instructors have spent years in their industry prior to teaching. Their firsthand experience gives them the ability to create a high quality learning experience in order to better prepare you for a career.

Each faculty member designs the online version of the classes they teach on campus. They are committed to their students and willing to guide and interact with you whether you are in class or online. 

Quality You Can Count On:

  • Talk with faculty to get more out of class
  • Faculty create the online version of their classes
  • Enrich your experience by joining clubs and activities
  • Your commitment enhances the quality of your education

Get Involved

MCC classes are relatively small which is a big plus. You can participate more readily and learn more quickly. Just remember, the more involved you are, the better you will do.

When you sign up for an online class, you are taking the responsibility to keep up with the material. If you need guidance from your professor, just ask. Most will be happy to help and will set aside time to chat with you online or meet with you in person if that’s what it takes.

A quality education consists of more than academic instruction. It’s a learning process that helps you grow in lots of ways. The more you get involved with activities, clubs and campus organizations, the more enriching your college experience will be. So make the extra effort. Get involved. You’ll be surprised at how rewarding it can be.

Online Accreditation

Accreditation provides MCC with the power it needs to function as a top quality community college.  Accreditation allows students to transfer in and out of MCC, receive financial aid and federal grants, be taught by quality faculty, and enroll in excellent classes and programs. Mesa Community College is accredited for ten years following the accreditation awarded on March 9, 2005.