MCC Online Offers Flexibility

eLearning is flexible

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Student Experience

"What I can say is don't wait to the last minute. Due dates for online classes tend to creep up on you faster than an in-class session."

MCC offers an extensive array of online classes for students who have demanding schedules. While these classes provide great flexibility, they also require an extra measure of discipline.

You are expected to take responsibility for completing all the work and participating in online forums or discussions as required by the instructor. You won’t have to spend time traveling to and from campus, but completing your class will require just as much time and effort as those who do. Self-discipline and initiative will be key to your success.

Classes to Fit Any Schedule:

  • Online provides great flexibility
  • 500+ classes offered in a wide range of topics
  • Saves travel time to and from campus
  • Requires commitment to keep complete
  • Learn how other online students succeed

Choose Carefully

With over 500 online classes offered at MCC, it might be a challenge to select the best classes to meet your goals. This is why you should speak with your academic advisor, as they can help you create a plan and help you put it in action.