MCC Online Offers a Challenge

MCC Online Offers a Challenge

Become a Student

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If you are going to enjoy a prosperous career you have to prepare yourself for one. So once you decide to start college, be committed to finishing.

Completing your courses and your degree or certification is essential to enjoying the fruits of your labor. Work hard and finish what you start. You’ll be happy – and justifiably proud – that you did. At MCC, a quality education is here for the taking.

But you have to take the initiative. If you opt for online classes or other eLearning courses, remember that they require an extra measure of effort and self-discipline to master the material.

Try to interact with your professors and other students whenever you can. Being fully engaged is critical to your success. To make sure you are ready, take the eLearning Assessment Test.

Accept the Challenge:

  • Commit to making the effort
  • Manage your time with MCC tools
  • Take advantage of our tutoring services
  • Use CANVAS to help you succeed
  • Get to know your instructors
  • Work with and learn from other students

Time Management Tips

In general, managing your time well will be your biggest challenge. You’ll be expected to study assigned material, be prepared to participate in discussions, and analyze problems using that information. If you don’t stay updated on the most current work, you won’t be able to participate. It’s a challenge, but if you’re disciplined it can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Here are a few tips:

Avoid Procrastination

Make decisions and act promptly to accomplish each important task.

Be Self-Disciplined

Demand more of yourself and create good habits of thought, action, and speech which will help you reach your goals.

Create a Schedule

Use a calendar to note all your commitments in a typical week.  Be sure to include family and work as well as school.

Create To-Do Lists

List and prioritize three to five of your most time-sensitive tasks each day.

Completion is Key

With the aid of MCC Online, your time at MCC will be challenging, but profitable.  When you are receiving that diploma or certificate, remember, it is not that piece of paper which will change your life, affect your job, and further your career.  Rather, it is the steps along the way that will make the difference.    Take advantage of the resources MCC has to offer and get involved; complete every challenge that is placed in your way. Then when you enter into your career, you will know you can conquer any challenge set before you.