Library Liaisons

The Library's liaison program is designed to enhance student learning by facilitating communication between academic departments and the Library. The role of the Liaison is to:

  • Share information about library services with faculty
  • Collaborate with faculty in promoting information literacy
  • Inform faculty of available resources appropriate to their curriculum
  • Connect with faculty in identifying appropriate resources
  • Coordinate with faculty regarding assignments using library resources
MCC Department Liaison Phone Number
Administration of Justice    
Forensic Investigations Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266
Judicial Studies Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266
Legal Studies Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266
Victimology Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266
Applied Sciences    
Agribusiness & Landscape Horticulture Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Dental Hygiene Marie Brown 480-654-7743
Nutrition Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Urban Horticulture Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Veterinary Technology Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Art & Photography    
Art  Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Art History Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Digital Arts  Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Photography Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Business & Information Systems    
Accounting Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Business & Industry Institute Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Business Management Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Business & Personal Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Computers Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Computer Information Systems Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Entrepreneur Studies Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Fashion Merchandising Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
General Business Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
International Business Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Management Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Network Academy Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Office Automation Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Real Estate Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Small Business Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Total Quality Management Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Communication & Theatre    
Communication  Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Theatre Arts/Film Studies Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Theatre Outback Performance Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Venue Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Cultural Science    
African American Studies Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
American Indian Studies Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Anthropology Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Chicano Studies Megan McGuire 480-461-7675
Social Work Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Sociology Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Construction Management Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Interior Design Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Educational Studies    
Child & Family Studies Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266
Early Childhood Education Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266
Education Studies Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266
EH Warren Child Development Lab Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266
Composition Marjorie Leta
Megan McGuire
Creative Writing Megan McGuire
Marjorie Leta
English Humanities Megan McGuire
Marjorie Leta
ESL Megan McGuire
Marjorie Leta
Journalism Megan McGuire
Marjorie Leta
The Legend Megan McGuire
Marjorie Leta
Narrative Studies Megan McGuire
Marjorie Leta
Women's Studies Megan McGuire 480-461-7675
Fire Science    
Connector Program Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
CPAT - Candidate Physical Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Active Test Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
EMT/Paramedicine Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Fire Academy Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Virtual Reality Incident Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Command Center Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Life Science    
Biology Biotechnology Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Mathematics & Computer Science    
Computer Science Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Mathematics Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Audio Technology Megan McGuire 480-461-7675
Music Business Megan McGuire 480-461-7675
Music Humanities & Theory Megan McGuire 480-461-7675
Music Performance Megan McGuire 480-461-7675
Certified Nursing Assistant Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266 
Community Health Advocate Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266 
E3 - Enfermas en Escalera Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266 
Nursing Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266 
Nursing Refresher Sunhealth/Boswell Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266 
Philosophy & Religious Studies    
Philosophy Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266 
Religious Studies Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266 
Physical Education / Exercise Science    
Dance  Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Dance Humanities Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Exercise Science Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Health Sciences Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Lifetime Fitness Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Physical Education  Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Recreation  Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Wellness Marjorie Leta 480-461-7663
Physical Science    
Astronomy Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Chemistry Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Engineering Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Geology Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Physical Science Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Physics Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Psi Beta [Honor Society] Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Psychology Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
Critical Reading Zoe Luter 480-461-7286
ESL - English as a Second Language Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266
Red Mountain Campus    
Red Mountain: All Disciplines Marie Brown 480-654-7743
Social Sciences    
Economics Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266 
Future Studies Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
Geography / GIS Trevor Smith 480-461-7631
History Trevor Smith
Marie Brown
Honors Program Marie Brown
Janell Alewyn
Political Science Janell Alewyn 480-461-7266 
Spanish GED    
Spanish GED Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Transportation and Industrial Programs    
Automotive Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Caterpillar Technician Training Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Drafting Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Electronics Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Industrial Education Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7694
Machine Technology Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Manufacturing Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Micro Circuit Mask Design Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
Welding Sheila L. Afnan Manns 480-461-7669
World Languages    
American Sign Language Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Arabic Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Chinese Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
French Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
German Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Italian Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Japanese Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Latin Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Navajo Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Portuguese Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Russian Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982
Spanish Ann Tolzman 480-461-7982