Policies for Ordering Non-print Materials

The same criteria applied to selecting other library materials are used for selecting all non-print materials. The majority of our non-print materials purchases are acquired at the request of teaching faculty. Requests from adjunct faculty are submitted by a full time faculty member.

It is recommended that materials be previewed before being purchased. Anyone interested in previewing procedures may contact the Media Department. The requester is responsible for returning the preview copy on time in order to avoid penalties from the distributors. Information regarding due dates will be shown on the item.

If the cost of materials are expected to be paid from MCC Library funds Technical Services staff must approve before any personal commitments or arrangements for purchase are made.

For video requests the acquisitions process automatically includes the request for permission to use the video on the broad band distribution system. All videos are marked to indicate whether or not this permission was received. All faculty are required to use the video in accordance with any noted restrictions. Permission forms are maintained in the Media Department.