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2 years at a community college + 2 years at a university = 4 years (bachelor’s degree).

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Transfer students are applicants who are already in valid F-1 status and are transferring from a U.S. institution to Mesa Community College.

Applications for Spring 2024 is now open!

Deadline: December 1st, 2023

Please review the required documents below and click on the blue button to your right to apply online.

The Admission Process Requirements

Submit One Form of Proof of English Proficiency. Choose either:

Academic Programs

Choose one from the following:

Admission to the MCC English as a Second Language Program:

Choose one from the following:

Collect Your Official Transcripts.

These can be your official high school transcript or certificate of graduation in English.

  • The completion date of secondary education comparable to the U.S. high school must be clearly indicated.
  • Only original transcript with English translation by a certified translator is acceptable.
  • Transcript from the school in the U.S. that you are currently attending.

Provide Evidence of Financial Support.

  1. Download and complete the Evidence of Financial Support form.
  2. Provide an original letter on official bank letterhead showing that the student (if self-supported) or the sponsor has sufficient funds on deposit to cover tuition and living expenses while in the U.S.
Financial Requirements
  • A minimum of $30,219 per year on deposit to cover tuition and living expenses (for the student only).
  • Students must obtain housing on their own as Mesa Community College does not provide student accommodations. Applicants who plan to live with a friend or family member in the U.S. may complete the Room and Board Agreement and then are only required to submit a bank statement showing $13,019 per year versus $30,219.
  • International students at Mesa Community College are required to show sponsorship for a minimum of $30,219 per year. The exact cost changes slightly from year to year due to changes in tuition costs. If an applicant wishes to bring a dependent to the US (on an F-2 visa), an additional $5,000 must be reflected in the financial statements. If the applicant wishes to bring additional dependents, an extra $2,500 per dependent must be reflected on the affidavit and bank statements.
  • Funding NOT acceptable: stocks and bonds, securities holdings, insurance, and property or employment income
  • Financial documents must be issued within the last 6 months prior to the official school start date
  • While all efforts are made to present accurate information, changes in tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Provide a Photocopy of the Identification Page of Your Current Passport.

The copy must clearly show your legal name, passport number, and birth date - click for example.

MCC SEVIS Transfer Form

Students must complete the top half of the MCC SEVIS Transfer Form and submit it to their current Designated School Official (typically in the International Student Office) for completion. Once completed, it needs to be emailed to

Things to Remember

  • Applicants may not directly apply to the allied health programs (Dental Hygiene or Nursing). First, international applicants must apply to a general academic program (for example, Associate in Science, Associate in Arts, or Associate in General Studies) and later, must apply to and be accepted into an allied health program. Acceptance into an allied health program is not guaranteed.
  • Standardized tests (the SAT or TOEFL) are not required for admission. However, students may take an appropriate English assessment test at Mesa Community College. This is not an entrance examination. The score is used for placement only. If it is necessary for a student to take English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, the test score will determine the appropriate ESL course level. Each level is one semester long, though some intensive courses are available. For information on testing, including practice tests and tips for our English Placement Test, please visit Testing Services.
  • International students are not eligible for the in-state tuition rate and are therefore charged out-of-state tuition rates. Financial aid is not available to international students.