Together with academic excellence, service excellence is what sets us apart from our competitors; it can be the key differentiator in enabling Student Success.

--Dr. Shouan Pan, Ph.D.
President, Mesa Community College

Defining Service Excellence

Service Excellence is a mindset that goes beyond "customer service." Customer service is often thought of as giving the customer what they came for, using basic customer service skills, and making interactions with the institution pleasant.

The foundation of Service Excellence starts with our core colleges values contained in our mission vision and values statement. Service Excellence - MCC makes a positive difference in the lives of our students, community members, and each other through meaningful relationships. 

Service Excellence is about Making a Difference. It involves developing mindsets and actions that: 

  • Reflect established service standards 
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere
  • Deliver personalized services 
  • Establish effective and efficient work processes 
  • Communicate consistently and effectively
  • Anticipate and meet stakeholder needs 
  • Utilize feedback to assess effectiveness 

To further define Service Excellence, performance standards for every MCC employee have been developed by employees through dialogue, conversation, and collaboration.

Download the High Five Service Excellence Standards.

Service Excellence

"These important Service Standards represent our promise to our students, community, and each other related to Service Excellence "