Temporary Positions

Temporary Job Opportunities

Effective Monday, February 8, 2016, temporary job postings will be announced via the Temporary Jobs webpage.  Employees will no longer receive individual email announcements from colleges and the District Office; temporary job opportunities will be included in weekly issues of The Maricopan.  For more information about the change to temporary job postings, please click the following link:


Individuals interested in temporary job opportunities can sort postings by selecting Title, Status, Department, Location, or Closing Date.  To view the job details and how to apply, click the blue link in the Title column.  

Supervisors wanting to post a temporary job opportunity should complete the template below and submit it to Human Resources for processing.  For Federal Work Study (FWS), adjunct, and RPS requests, please contact Alice Cornelius.  For short-term staff postings or OYO/OSO faculty requests, please contact Donna Adams

Temporary employees are "at will" employees meaning a temporary assignment can end at any time depending on the employer’s needs.  There is no guarantee, implied or otherwise, that the temporary assignment will turn into a full-time permanent position.  Employment term may be based on the completion of a project, the availability of funding, or other circumstances.  Temporary employees are often expected to attend college or departmental meetings and events.