Service Excellence

Defining Service Excellence

iACT Attitude, Care, TeamService Excellence is a mindset that goes beyond customer service. Service Excellence is one of our college’s Core Values.

We are all part of an exceptional team at an exceptional college! We should be recognizing each other for the good things we do, things that are above and beyond the scope of our jobs, to make MCC the very best it can be for our students, our community and each other.

iACT Attitude, Care, TeamThe MCC Service Excellence Committee encourages you to stop by the Center for Community & Civic Engagement at Southern/Dobson or the Administration Office at Red Mountain to pick up an iACT pin so you are prepared to present it when you catch someone in the ACT of making a positive difference in the lives of our students, community members, and each other through meaningful relationships.

The iACT campaign grows out of, and recalibrates the previous High Five initiative, is based on a great deal of research, and correlates with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria.  

We all play a part every day in making MCC what it is. We are all participants in making MCC an even better place for students, our community and each other. Make time to let each other know their efforts are noticed, make time to ACT.