Financial Planning

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Use the U.S. Department of Education’s Net Price Calculator to see what your estimated cost of attendance would be for one year.

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A college education is an investment in yourself and your future. At MCC, that investment is much less than at most universities. Even so, there are ways to help pay for school that make it affordable for everyone.

You’ll find more information on the MCC website, including how we can help you with a variety of resources.

Types of Financial Aid

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships are a gift – they do not need to be paid back
  • Grants

    Grants are free aid you do not have to pay back
  • Presidents’ Honor Scholarship

    Recent Maricopa high school graduates (top 20%) may qualify for a waiver that covers in-county tuition up to 15 credit hours and some registration fees for up to four consecutive semesters
  • Honors Achievement Award

    After completing 12 credits (100+ level classes) at MCC with a 3.25 GPA or better, you may qualify for an award of up to $325 per semester
  • Fast-Tracking the Dream

    Low- to moderate-income students may qualify to have their education funds tripled to help pay for tuition, fees and books
  • Student Loans

    A form of aid that must be repaid, with interest
  • Work Study

    Work study is self-help aid in the form of an on-campus job

Financial Planning

It’s easy to recognize that having a college education is an investment in your future. What is sometimes not so easy is paying for it – but it can be with the right preparation, information and support. And, we’re here to get you started.