Career Pathways

High School StudentsHigh School Students Confused on what you want to do? There are lots of career options and below you can explore many of them. Find 16 career clusters — 16 groupings of educational paths that will lead you to a rewarding career. Its time to focus on your future!

Where Do I Start?

Start with Career Pathways. Explore career options thatll help you decide on a career that fits with your interests.

What Do I Study?

You'll find clear direction — from high school through college — to complete the education you need to succeed.

First, Second and Next

Whether you're seeking a certificate or degree, youll find the courses you need in the order you need to take them. Just follow the path!

Choose the career path thats right for you. Next, find the right courses in the right order to get you on your educational path to a successful career.