Shelby Prockish

Shelby Prockish,  Associate in Arts (AA) Degree (AGEC-A) with Honors

Shelby Prockish, Associate in Arts (AA) Degree (AGEC-A) with Shelby Prockish, Associate in Arts (AA) Degree (AGEC-A) with Honors

For Shelby Prockish, 30, Mesa Community College’s Red Mountain Campus was just the right fit when he decided to pursue a degree.

“It just clicked with me,” Prockish said.  “It’s a community out here. It’s so small, so friendly and you really know all the professors and staff as long as you utilize all the services—tutoring, student life, service learning, etc. It’s like my second home.”

After graduating from MCC in May, he plans to transfer to Arizona State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at ASU’s Polytechnic Campus.

“I’ve always been interested in psychology,” Prockish said.  “I love working with people and I love solving problems. That’s a lot of what this degree is. You can do focus groups or work in HR, making the work environment better for the employees. I just love working with people and I can read them really well, so I think that will be to my advantage.”

While attending MCC, Shelby served as the Director of Community Outreach in the Events Planning Council (EPC). He initiated the “Get Yourself Tested” campaign, which offers Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection (STD/STI) testing to students.

“I really wanted to leave a legacy behind at the Red Mountain Campus, something that I saw a need for,” Prockish said.  “Since the campaign began 2 years ago, more than 400 students have been tested and offered free treatment.”

He said working with EPC has been a huge learning experience.

“Everyone has their own opinion and you really have to reel everyone in and come to a consensus,” Prockish said. “It can be a challenge.”

But by far the best experience Prockish had at MCC was participating in the LeaderShape Program. The nationally-recognized program builds leadership skills and nearly 40,000 participants from all over the world have graduated from the program since 1986.

“LeaderShape changed my life,” Prockish said.  “It changed the way I interact with people, the way I see the world and the way I carry myself. I’ve been a participant one year and an on-site coordinator 3 times. I’ll never forget what I learned at LeaderShape, to always lead with integrity.”

Advice to other students:  “College is nothing to be afraid of. Get in there and do the best you can, with a smile on your face. Work your hardest and get involved. If you get involved in a school, there’s really no way you can fail. It’s almost impossible.”

Shelby Prockish, 30, Mesa, Red Mountain Campus, Psychology

Degree(s) earned: Associate of Arts (AA) Degree (AGEC-A) with Honors

Member of:  Psi Beta Honors Psychology Society, Events Planning Council (Director of Community Outreach), AmeriCorps Service Program (about 400 service hours)

Scholarships and Awards: Honors Awards, EPC scholarship, Community Service scholarship, AmeriCorps scholarship, member of Individual Development Account Program (IDA)

Transferring to: Arizona State University