Astika Agung

Astika Anak Agung,  Associate in Arts Degree

Passion for Education

Astika Anak Agung - Associate in Arts DegreeAstika Anak Agung - Associate in Arts Degree

Many staff and students on both Mesa Community College campuses find inspiration when speaking with Astika Anak Agung. At age 66, he’s graduating with an associate’s degree in arts and plans to transfer to Northern Arizona University to pursue a degree in public administration.

After a lifetime of varied occupations, Agung may be ready to retire, but he’s not ready to give up learning. His passion is education, a passion so important to him that it has spread throughout his entire family and beyond.

“My grandfather told me, ‘Your job in life is to educate yourself,’ ” Agung said. “That’s what my whole family believes.”

Agung was born in Bali, Indonesia, where one of his first jobs was as a cruise ship supervisor. He met his wife in 1981 and moved to Arizona in 1995. They opened a travel agency in Mesa. When that business closed, he worked at Kroger for 24 years and also worked for Motorola.

His children are highly educated and are now excited to see their father pursue his dream of obtaining a higher education. For Agung, Mesa Community College was a good fit for his goals.

“I’m currently at the Red Mountain Campus, and everyone here has been so very helpful,” said Agung, who also holds a previous degree from MCC in manufacturing technology. “It’s very nice to hang out and study here. The Advisement Office is so nice, it makes me enjoy learning and coming to school.”

Agung plans to continue in his pursuit of knowledge for many years.

“I will never stop studying,” Agung said.  “I love education.”