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Opportunity Changes Everything

The opportunities that present themselves as a result of higher education, both to students and the community they live in, are innumerable. Students who attend a higher education institution profit from financial and personal benefits that positively affect their lives. The opportunities afforded by a higher education can change people’s lives.

Societal Benefits from Higher Education:

  • Education standards are passed down to the next generation
  • College graduates positively affect lower wage earnings for workers without higher educations
  • Increased civic participation, including volunteer work, participating in/leading community organizations, and voting
  • Decreased crime levels
  • Decreased unemployment and poverty levels
  • Increased contributions of time and money to service organizations
  • Decreased dependence on public assistance programs which decreases budget demands
  • Higher tax revenues for federal, state and local governments
  • Increased tolerance for others
  • Positive perceptions of personal health and healthier lifestyles

When people choose to work toward and invest in a college education, they positively affect the community as well as themselves.

Why Invest in Mesa Community College?

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