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A Case for Support 

You feel the impact of the Maricopa Community Colleges at every turn…

… the nurse caring for a loved one…
… the police officer patrolling your city streets...
… the teacher’s aide assisting your child in school…
… the highly skilled worker helping your business grow and succeed.

From the moment Phoenix College opened its doors almost a century ago to today’s multi-college network, generations of families have turned to the Maricopa Community Colleges for education,
for opportunity, for a brighter future.

The Maricopa Community Colleges have long been one of the state’s leading educational resources, providing academic and training opportunities to millions. Annually, the Colleges educate more than 250,000 students pursuing a variety of goals in a variety of fields. Many are completing the first two years of a four-year degree while thousands of others are readying themselves for entry into the workforce through state-of-the-art career programs.

Higher education leads to opportunity and a more promising future for individuals and for the entire community. An educated workforce weaves a critical thread through the fabric of economic development, ensuring personal growth, professional success and an improved quality of life. Without reasonable access to quality higher education, this fabric unravels, exposing a community to the threat of economic stagnation or even decline.

Our Campaign
“I … hear from many business leaders who want to hire in the United States but can’t find workers with the right skills. Growing industries in science and technology have twice as many openings as we have workers who can do the job. Think about that: openings at a time when millions of Americans are looking for work. It’s inexcusable. And we know how to fix it….[We] need to give more community colleges the resources they need to become community career centers, places that teach people skills that businesses are looking for right now, from data management to high-tech manufacturing.”
          – President Barack Obama, 2012 State of the Union Address

The Maricopa Community Colleges, through the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation, are embarking on a bold plan for the future, one in which a quality college education and innovative workforce development programs will have a meaningful impact on our economy, our community and our quality of life.

The campaign is called “Educating Our Community. Ensuring Our Future.” And the goal is to raise up to $50 million over four years to support student success. Specifically, the campaign would fund:

• As much as $25 million in direct support of students to fund a variety of scholarships that will directly support student success. These funds will not only encourage more high school graduates to continue their education, but will also help them stay in school, get started at a university, and provide internships to help them become better prepared and more competitive in the job market.

• As much as $15 million in support for faculty and staff innovation, creativity and excellence to develop new teaching methodologies, funding in-person and on-line resources to support student success. These funds will also establish named academic chairs to generate resources to improve and enhance the learning experience, while increasing learning opportunities for faculty and staff to be able to provide better opportunity to students.

• As much as $10 million to support community partnerships. From entrepreneurship programs and small business incubators… to state-of-the-art workforce training… to fast track training programs to meet employment needs in real time… to curriculum alignment projects with K-12 schools… all oriented to grow the Maricopa Community Colleges’ outstanding partnerships – and impact – in the community.

Our Education
“Community colleges are the unsung heroes of our educational system. They prepare today’s workers for tomorrow’s careers, and they get little support and even less recognition for their efforts.”
          – Melinda Gates, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Accessible, low-cost, high-quality education at 10 colleges, two skill centers, multiple satellite facilities and online – these are the elements that have defined the Maricopa Community Colleges. Embedded within, and responsive to, local community and business needs, the Maricopa Community Colleges District is the largest community college district in the nation, as well as a point of pride and indispensable resource for the Valley of the Sun and Arizona.

Throughout their history as a uniquely American institution of higher education, community colleges have taken a pragmatic, practical approach to workforce development, job training and retraining, and on-demand coursework for professional and personal development. No institution in Arizona trains more skilled workers than the Maricopa Community Colleges.

Our Future
“We do not owe our students a brighter future - we owe the future brighter students. Through the Maricopa Community Colleges, our community will continue to benefit from educated and knowledgeable students.”
          – Dick & Patty Norton, Phoenix College Alumni (’49 & ’50, respectively)

• By 2019, estimates indicate there will be more than 515,000 new and replacement jobs available in Maricopa County. Approximately 37 percent of these jobs will require an associate degree, a post-secondary certificate, vocational award or more.

• Currently, the Maricopa Community Colleges train students for occupations that comprise 36 percent of all jobs in Maricopa County. In the coming years, 63 percent of jobs in the county will require skills taught at the Maricopa Community Colleges.

• With the completion of an Associate’s Degree from one of the 10 Maricopa Community Colleges, a graduate can expect to earn $250,000 more, during their working years, than an individual with a high school diploma alone. (The College Payoff, Anthony P. Carnevale, Stephen J. Rose Ban Cheah)

Arizona’s educational system is struggling to prepare, educate and train the new workforce of the 21st century economy. The Maricopa Community Colleges contribute greatly to the preparation of students to meet future employer needs, providing important services focused on student success.

Obstacles & Opportunities
Simply put, community colleges and community college students face a number of difficult challenges, challenges which also provide prospects for success.

• Public funding for higher education is shrinking at an unprecedented rate forcing up costs for students. For many, the Maricopa Community Colleges are the first choice, for others they are the only choice – and their only chance – for obtaining a college education.

• Good jobs are available if students can get the education and training for those jobs. For too many, the only way to do so is to take on a loan burden that will last a lifetime, holding back both the student and the economy. With some help and support to increase scholarships, the Maricopa Community Colleges can provide students much-needed education and training, without massive loan debt.

• The creativity and ingenuity of the Maricopa Community Colleges faculty and staff –experts in the fields of teaching and learning and student success – have always resulted in innovations, new programs, new approaches, improved services to improve student success. With reduced resources their ability and opportunity to continue to improve are also reduced. Faculty and staff need our help and support so that they can continue to innovate to increase student success.

• The Maricopa Community Colleges are true community partners – with local business, with K-12 schools, with other colleges and universities, with civic and non-profit organizations. From designing and implementing new industry-based career training… to aligning curriculum to facilitate student success and enhance the university transfer experience… to creating internships and leveraging scholarship dollars, the Maricopa Community Colleges are involved in myriad community-based partnerships.

Our Opportunity
“The Maricopa Community Colleges provide a solid backbone for our higher education system which is critical to the success of the business community. An outstanding resource for training and retraining, the Maricopa Community Colleges educate our workforce for high paying jobs and meet the needs of businesses in real time.”
– Todd Sanders, President & CEO, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

For thousands of Valley residents, the Maricopa Community Colleges are the gateway to opportunity, to entry into the middle class and beyond. Providing the post-secondary education and training that will lead to a better life – at a cost that encourages and enables participation by students from all backgrounds and socioeconomic conditions – is critical. For many, the first step through a door at a Maricopa Community College is the first step toward long-lasting economic security and opportunity.

Your Support
By contributing to the Maricopa Community Colleges and Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation, you will…

• expand the access to – and quality of – a college education, as well as increase the opportunity to graduate
• increase the number of educated, productive, employed and engaged citizens and taxpayers
• maintain a highly prepared and skilled workforce
• ensure a robust economy and community where people want to live and work.
The Maricopa Community Colleges are preparing today’s workers for tomorrow’s careers and a future of contributions – economic and otherwise – to our community. After all, it truly is…

Educating Our Community. Ensuring Our Future.

Won’t you join us?

Our Projects

Project Goal

Endowed Teaching Chair

MCC seeks to create a program to recognize and enact best practices in teaching and verified learning. This fund provides a cash gift to selected faculty as well as funding for professional growth opportunities and course related classroom equipment/supplies not supported by baseline budget. Type of funding to include an endowment; the principle is invested in perpetuity and the endowment’s income funds the project.


Performing Arts Center Programming

MCC’s state-of-the-art 500 seat theater and practice facility serves more than 2,800 aspiring local student artists. Of the funds sought, $1.6 million will be used to enhance the facility with musical instruments (e.g., quality pianos), software, and other programming updates. MCC will create endowments ($400,000) to support program-related instruction and student scholarships.


Student Scholarships

With an enrollment of 26,000 students, MCC current scholarship funds are only able to go so far. MCC will establish a $2,000,000 endowment fund for need based and merit-based scholarships. This initiative is critical to ensuring access to a college education, recognition of superior academic achievement and encouragement for course-of-study completion, which will result in more graduates who are better prepared with job ready skills.


Give to the College

Paul A. Elsner, TJ Heap, and Jinnett B. Kirk are all well-known names around the MCC campus. Why? Because these people were model citizens who now inspire generations of MCC students to follow in their footsteps toward success.

Unrestricted gifts allow the college to use the funds with some flexibility. This permits the president to allocate the funds to programs, services, and students who are in need.

Support the school you love by giving a building a memorable name or help programs, services, and students in need with an unrestricted gift.  Contact the Development Office to find out how.

Giving to Specific Programs

Whether you pursued Nursing, Welding, Performing Arts, or one of the many other programs MCC offers, your career is your passion and you know how lucky you are to be doing what you love. The programs at MCC strive to inspire that same passion in current and future students. Support the program you’re passionate about; contact the Development Office today.

Give to Scholarships

Higher education is the vehicle that lifts people out of poverty and into prosperity, but getting a higher education can be too much of a financial challenge for some.

By giving to the Mesa Community Scholarship Endowment, or MCCF, your gift will lend a hand annually to students who are struggling.  Opportunity changes everything.