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By supporting MCC you enable students to continue their education, maintain high quality programs, and provide opportunities for growth not only for students and MCC, but also in the community.

Support what matters most to you. Whether you choose to give to the College, a specific program, or to students, your contribution makes a difference at MCC.

Give to the College

Paul A. Elsner, TJ Heap, and Jinnett B. Kirk are all well-known names around the MCC campus. Why? Because these people were model citizens who now inspire generations of MCC students to follow in their footsteps toward success.

Unrestricted gifts allow the college to use the funds with some flexibility. This permits the president to allocate the funds to programs, services, and students who are in need.

Support the school you love by giving a building a memorable name or help programs, services, and students in need with an unrestricted gift.  Contact the Development Office to find out how.

Giving to Specific Programs

Whether you pursued Nursing, Welding, Performing Arts, or one of the many other programs MCC offers, your career is your passion and you know how lucky you are to be doing what you love. The programs at MCC strive to inspire that same passion in current and future students. Support the program you’re passionate about; contact the Development Office today.

Give to Scholarships

Higher education is the vehicle that lifts people out of poverty and into prosperity, but getting a higher education can be too much of a financial challenge for some.

By giving to the Mesa Community Scholarship Endowment, or MCCF, your gift will lend a hand annually to students who are struggling.  Opportunity changes everything.

Our Focus Areas

Focus Goal

Endowed Teaching Chair

MCC seeks to create a program to recognize and enact best practices in teaching and verified learning. This fund provides a cash gift to selected faculty as well as funding for professional growth opportunities and course related classroom equipment/supplies not supported by baseline budget. Type of funding to include an endowment; the principle is invested in perpetuity and the endowment’s income funds the project.


Performing Arts Center Programming

MCC’s state-of-the-art 500 seat theater and practice facility serves more than 2,800 aspiring local student artists. Of the funds sought, $1.6 million will be used to enhance the facility with musical instruments (e.g., quality pianos), software, and other programming updates. MCC will create endowments ($400,000) to support program-related instruction and student scholarships.


Student Scholarships

With an enrollment of nearly 26,000 students, MCC current scholarship funds are only able to go so far. MCC will establish a $2,000,000 endowment fund for need based and merit-based scholarships. This initiative is critical to ensuring access to a college education, recognition of superior academic achievement and encouragement for course-of-study completion, which will result in more graduates who are better prepared with job ready skills.