Club & Department Fundraising

All College clubs and departments holding fundraisers (including in-kind donation requests) need to fill out the Fundraising Activity Request below.

  • Fundraising Activity Request 

    Please click the link above (Using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Browser only) to fill out a fundraising activity request.
        Login information:  
                 Username: mcccd-org\MEID (use all lowercase for "mcccd-org" and your MEID, not the word "MEID")
                 Password: your Maricopa password
  • External Funds Receipt Form

    Fill out this form when preparing your deposit for a fundraiser. Please bring it to the Office of Development (AD148) for proper processing.
  • Guidelines for Incidental Fundraising for External Charities

    Review these guidelines if you plan to raise funds and receive in-kind donations on behalf of an external charity.