Helpful Resources for Students - Weekly Messages

Below you will find a list of helpful student resources that are available to you. If you are looking for additional resources not listed on this page, we recommend visiting the Current Students page.

Week 1

Getting Started

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle of the first week of classes? We are here to help you get started. The links below show you where you can get books, a student ID, software and where to go to get information about campus activities.

Week 2

Semester Planning

For you to have a successful start to your semester, we suggest you create a calendar to record your schedule, important dates, and study time. You can also benefit from additional resource links such as veterans’ services, disability resources, honors, counseling and career resources.

Plan to succeed, prioritize your time and stay informed.

Week 3

Get Involved/Engaged

Research shows if you are engaged in clubs and activities your will be more successful. This week’s message provides links to clubs and campus organizations, sporting and arts events, volunteering and student engagement opportunities.

Week 4

Manage Your Time/Organize

Week 5

Don’t Stress/Stop Before You Drop

Around this time you may start to feel overwhelmed with your classes and life in general. We encourage you to talk to an advisor, faculty or counselor rather than just drop a class. Withdrawing might impact your future financial aid. Tutoring is available as well as resources for food, shelter and healthcare if you need it, but don’t want to ask.

  • Seek free tutoring. Learning Enhancement Center –
  • Looking for assistance with food, shelter or healthcare?
    • Mesa Market (on-campus pantry)
    • First Wednesdays - We Care Wednesdays (food, clothing and community resources)
    • RISE app - food, shelter, health care resource locator (iOS only, kiosk in SoDo library corridor) RISE app information
    • Bus vouchers (Student Life)

Week 6

Graduation Awareness and Career Services

It may seem as though classes have just begun, but it’s important for you to be aware of what is needed for graduation. You need to meet with an advisor and complete the graduation application. You should also plan to meet with an advisor if you are planning to transfer to another college/university. If you are not graduating soon, we encourage you to focus on MCC’s career services.

Visit for additional information.

  • The current graduation application, the graduation process, and program code pages are available as a complete packet at
    • The application deadline for Fall is November 1
    • The application deadline for Spring is March 1
    • The application deadline for Summer is June 1
  • Not close to graduation? Think about our career services –

Week 7

Register Now

You are encouraged to register now for classes next semester so you can get the classes you want or need. Review Your educational and career plan and seek academic advising for assistance. Be aware of important financial aid dates.

Week 8

Life Balance

It’s the week before spring beak and you may be feeling stressed! Make sure you get enough sleep, eat well and exercise. Enjoy extracurricular activities with friends and fellow students. Remember, MCC’s counseling services are available if you need extra assistance.