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Private scholarships and other funding resources are available to students through private foundations and/or external organizations. Certain private scholarships may be available to students regardless of their immigration status. MCC is not responsible for any of the information provided by external organizations.

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Help Your Student Loans Contest

The Help Your Student Loans contest is open to   current and former students, and awards a minimum of  $15,000 to the winning entrant(s) chosen biannually.

There is a $24.95 entry fee  for the contest.

This innovative effort to help  some individuals pay off their student loan debt and in so doing stimulate the economy is sustainable and funded through applications  fees. By operating on principles similar to many scholarships but available even after students have graduated, Help Your Student Loans is making a difference in people’s lives.

For more information, see, or email us at with the subject title "Press Release Inquiry".

 As the national student debt surmounts one trillion dollars and the interest rate of Federal loans increases, millions of students are struggling with the rising cost of paying for their  education. Help Your Student Loans is an innovative approach to helping relieve student loan debt.

Free Scholarship Searches

Current Scholarships

The list below is not a complete list of scholarships available at MCC.

Ongoing Scholarship Resources

Veterans United Foundation     Deadline:  Varies
Award – Five bi-annual $2,000 scholarships will be awarded to help pay for tuition and books.
Eligibility – Potential applicants must be pursuing a post-secondary degree at an accredited college or university, submit a transcript reflecting a minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale, and have a connection to the military by being one of the following:
  • Active-duty service member
  • Veteran
  • Spouse of military member or veteran
  • Surviving spouse of a fallen soldier
  • Child of a military member or veteran

How to Apply – Applicants must also submit an essay no longer than 750 words based on one of three prompts made available in the spring (March 15th) and fall (September 15th) by the Veterans United Scholarship Program.

Spring essays will be accepted on April 1-30th and recipients will be announced by May 15th. Fall submissions will be accepted October 1-31st with recipients announced by November 15th.

The time to apply is rapidly approaching!

More information about the scholarship and Veterans United Foundation can be found at and respectively.
Helping Hands for Single Moms     Deadline: Varies

Total Scholarship Funds: Varies
Individual Awards: Varies


  • Attend college
  • Have US Citizenship and reside in Maricopa County, Arizona
  • Carry minimum of nine (9) credit hours per semester
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA or better
  • Have at least one child under age 11 living with you
  • Attend and participate in the Single Moms Network meetings each month
  • Be a responsible and responsive program participant
  • May not reside with a domestic partner

Go to the Helping Hands for Single Moms website for more information.

T.E.A.C.H. Arizona Scholarship    Deadline: Varies

Teacher Education And Compensation Helps (T.E.A.C.H.) Early Childhood® is a comprehensive scholarship program that links training, compensation, and commitment to improving the quality of early childhood care and education experiences for young children and their families.

There are four components to the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Program:

  • Educational Scholarships
  • Formal Education
  • Compensation
  • Commitment

Eligibility Criteria:

Child care center teachers, directors, and family child care providers may be eligible for a scholarship if they:

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Are employed in the state of Arizona
  • Work in a licensed, certified, or tribally regulated center, family child care home or group home
  • Work a minimum of 30 hours each week directly with young children ages birth-5, or work as a director of a center that serves children ages birth - 5 (Associates Degree Scholarship); work a minimum of 20 hours a week directly with young children ages birth - 5 (CDA Assessment Scholarship)
  • Have the sponsorship of the child care center or family child care home which employs them
  • Earn $15.00 or less per hour

How to Apply:

Visit their website to download the application and for additional information.

A.W. Bodine-Sunkist Memorial Scholarship    Deadline: varies

The A.W. Bodine-Sunkist Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Arthur W. Bodine, a distinguished director of Sunkist Growers and a respected agricultural leader, to provide funds for undergraduate students from agricultural backgrounds who are in need of financial assistance to further their educations.

Scholarship Criteria:

Application Package: Must include all of the following or it will not be considered.

The scholarships are available to students entering any undergraduate grade level who are enrolled in or have applications pending at an accredited college and plan to pursue a course of study leading to a recognized degree. While the award amount may vary, it averages $2,000.00 per academic year.  In addition, selection is based on a combination of college board test scores, an essay and references.

Scholarships are renewable, based on an annual review for up to four years of full-time undergraduate study, and it may be extended under special circumstances.  While in college, the recipients must maintain good academic and disciplinary standings, carry at least 12 graded units per trm and earn a minimum 2.7 grade point average.

A completed application package is essential for consideration.  Students must complete the confidential application which includes:

  • Personal and financial information - including the most recent tax return (students under 21 must attach their parent's tax returns).
  • A written essay discussing personal and agricultural background.
  • Transcript of grades and college board test scores.
  • Two references from teachers, school administrators, employers or community organizers.
  • Download the application

Ongoing Scholarship Resources

AmeriCorps Scholarship   Deadline: Ongoing
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or Lawful Permanent Resident Alien.
  • Must be at least 17 years of age.
  • Must have a high school diploma, GED or work to obtain one within your year of service.
  • Must attend an orientation session to be considered for the education award (held weekly).
  • Must commit to a minimum of 300 hours of community service hours in one of these different goal areas: Education Services or Healthy Futures.
  • Participants earn a minimum $1000 educational award to pay for college expenses.
  • For more information contact the MCC Center for Service Learning at 480-461-7393.
  • Learn more about AmeriCorps scholarships here.
Mesa Community College Phi Theta Kappa ScholarshipsDeadline:  Varies

Phi Theta Kappa offers multiple scholarships throughout the year for Phi Theta Kappa members. Scholarships can be found at:

Mesa Community College President's Scholarship
  • Must have at least a 3.25 Grade Point Average and have completed 12 credit hours of 100 Level classes (or above) completed at one or any combination of Maricopa Community Colleges.
  • Must be enrolled at Mesa Community College with at least one -3 credit hour Honors class.
  • Call the Honors Dept. at 480-461-7079
  • Visit the Honors website here.
Mesa Community College REACH (ACE) Scholarship Program   Deadline: Varies
  • Must be a current high school sophomore attending one of eight participating East Valley high schools.
  • Must demonstrate financial need.
  • Scholarship program allows students to complete community college courses while attending high school.
  • Scholarship candidates must meet with REACH (ACE) Program Director to begin application process.

Go to their website

Arizona Kidney Foundation Bidstrup Scholarship   Deadline: Must apply each semester
  • Must have a diagnosis of end-stage renal disease.
  • Must be involved in a continuous treatment program (e.g., dialysis, transplant).
  • Must be a Arizona Resident.
  • Requires a referral by a renal social worker or dietitian.
  • Determined assistance from other resources not available.
  • Completion of a financial application within the past 180 days.

Download the application

AWS Foundation Welding Scholarships   Deadline: Varies
  • This site provides a variety of Welding Scholarships
  • Criteria will vary

Go to their website

American Indian Services Scholarship   Deadline: Varies
  • Must be enrolled in a university, college, junior college or technical school.
  • Must be one-quarter (1/4), or more, Native American Blood.
  • Must be an undergraduate student with no more than 150 semester credits or 210 quarter credits.
  • Must be full-time or part-time status - excluding non-credit courses.
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25.
  • Click here to learn more about Tribal scholarships.

Download the application

Catching the Dream Tribal Scholarship Foundation   Deadline: 3/15, 4/15 & 9/15 yearly
  • CDT's objective is to recognize and reward outstanding student achievement
  • This supplemental award is intended to help American Indian Students of any age, from and U.S. tribe, within any state, striving to get an education.
  • All awards are based off merit, academic achievement and ambition.
  • Click here to learn more about Tribal scholarships.

Download the application

Indian Health Career Scholarship   Deadline: 7/15 & 11/15 yearly
  • Must be in a student program for their health career of health related fields of study.
  • Must be American Indian or Alaskan Native with documentation of tribal enrollment.
  • First priority is to the Arizona Indians residing in Arizona.
  • Must be enrolled and accepted in an institution of higher learning.
  • Learn more about Tribal scholarships here.

Download the application

Native American Scholarship Fund, INC.   Deadline: Varies
  • NASF's objective is to recognize and reward outstanding student achievement.
  • This supplemental award is intended to help American Indian students of any age, from any U.S. tribe, and in any state, striving to get an education.
  • All awards are based off on merit, academic achievement and ambition.
  • Learn more about Tribal scholarships here.

Download the application

Navajo Education and Scholarship Foundation  Deadline: 1/1 and 8/1/yearly
  • Must be attending an accredited college or university in the U.S.
  • Must be an enrolled member of the Navajo Tribe.
  • Must be going to school on a full time basis (minimum 12 credit hours).
  • Must have a 2.0 GPA or better.
  • Must demonstrate financial need (official Financial Needs Analysis).
  • Must have been denied a scholarship from the Navajo Nation.
  • Learn more about Tribal scholarships here.

Download the application

Hispanic Scholarship Fund   Deadline: Pending
  • Be of Hispanic heritage.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident with a permanent resident card or passport stamped I-155 (not expired).
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA required on a 4.0 scale.
  • Must have applied for federal financial aid.

Go to their website

Lyndell E Lauro Scholarship    Deadline: Open

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Must be a child or a parent of someone actively serving in the military.
  • Must be enrolled part-time or full-time in any program at any university.
  • Must be pursuing their first baccalaureate degree.
  • Must be planning to return to the work force.
  • Must show evidence of financial need.
  • Must be in academic good standing.
  • Open deadline

Download application here

Transfer Scholarships

Transfer to ASU (Arizona State University) Scholarships
Transfer to ASU (Arizona State University) Maricopa Alliance Scholarships

Awarded to students who have completed an associate's degree with a cumulative transfer GPA of 3.75 or higher. Students who have completed an associate's degree from a Maricopa Community College with a cumulative transfer GPA of 3.50-3.74 may also be considered for this award, contingent upon available funding. To learn more:

Access more information here

Transfer to Chicago Art Institute Scholarship
  • (Deadline: February and September)
  • The Chicago Art Institute is offering 3 (three) $6000.00 scholarships per year to art students
  • Portfolios must be reviewed by Gingher Leyendecker, MCC Art Faculty
  • For complete details, please contact Gingher Leyendecker, Art faculty MCC, phone number 480-461-7623, email:
Transfer to GCU (Grand Canyon University) for online or ground scholarships
  • (No deadline)
  • For students who plan to attend GCU contact 1-877-618-6094
  • Must have completed an associate's degree or have 60 or more transferable credits.
  • Enroll in a bachelor degree program at GCU to become eligible for a $2000 scholarship toward your tuition ($500 per semester for four consecutive semesters).
  • Enroll as a full time student (12 credits per semester) throughout your program as indicated in the university catalog.
  • Must submit complete academic college transcripts and high school transcripts.
  • Go to the GCU Scholarship website
Transfer to Kaplan University Scholarships

Kaplan believes a university should adapt to its students, and not the other way around. That's why Kaplan University has partnered with Maricopa Community Colleges to offer their graduates a 10% tuition reduction and opportunities to benefit from various scholarships. Kaplan University offers four scholarship programs to eligible students. To learn more:

Access more information here

Transfer to NAU (Northern Arizona University) Scholarships
  • (No deadline)
  • For students who plan to attend NAU
  • Go to the NAU Scholarship website.
Transfer to U of A (University of Arizona) Scholarships