2019-2020 Important Dates

Disbursement dates apply only to students who received a Financial Aid Award notification in their Message Center at My.maricopa.edu. If you're awarded financial aid after the semester has started, book advance dates and financial aid/loan disbursement dates may not apply to you.

Financial aid refunds will be deposited to your bank account or prepaid debit card after you are awarded and if you've set up Direct Deposit. Otherwise, refunds will be mailed. Allow 2-7 business days after the dates listed for direct deposit and 10-14 business days for refunds that were mailed.

Important Dates FALL 2019 SPRING 2020
Semester start date 8/17/2019 1/11/2020

Start of book advance disbursements*

These are the earliest dates that book advances will be processed for the semester. Holidays and weekends may delay Book Advance processing times. For more information go to Book Advances

9 business days prior to your earliest class start date
Consortium agreement due date*
Semester start and end dates for the Host school and MCC must coincide.
8/26/2019 1/21/2020

Pell recalculation date*
Last day to adjust your class schedule if you are Pell grant eligible. Pell grant amounts will not increase for classes added after this date.

8/26/2019 1/21/2020
Start of FA disbursements (subject to change without notice)* 8/29/2019 1/24/2020
1st loan disbursement 8/29//2019 1/24/2020
30-day delay*
Loan disbursement dates for 1st-year students who are 1st-time student-loan borrowers.
1st disbursement released 30 days after your earliest class start date
2nd loan disbursement (if awarded for one semester only) 10/15/2019 3/24/2020
End of book advance disbursements 11/15/2019 4/12/2020
Semester end date 12/13/2019 5/8/2020
SAP Appeal and MTF Appeal priority deadline date 7/18/2019 N/A
SAP Appeal and MTF Appeal deadline date 10/11/2019 3/6/2020


  • Fall 2019 semester classes starting after 8/26/2019 are considered late-start classes. Funds for late-start classes will disburse 5 business days after your earliest class.
  • Spring 2020 semester classes starting after 1/20/2020 are considered late-start classes. Funds for late-start classes will disburse 5 business days after your earliest class.
  • If you do not maintain your original level of enrollment your aid may be adjusted and you may incur a debt. This applies to classes you were enrolled in but did not attend, late-start classes you dropped, and classes that are canceled.
  • Enrollment levels are full-time (12+ credit hours), 3/4 time (9 - 11 credits), half-time (6-8 credit hours), less-than half-time (1-5 credits).