Viewing Your Award

When you have been offered financial aid, you will receive an award notification message in your Message Center.

PIcture of the View Financial Aid link which is found on your online Student Center at When you click on View Financial Aid, it will take you to the Aid Year selection page. View of the Aid year selection page

If you were offered a student loan, you will be required to accept it, decline it or you can request a lesser amount.  

Pell grant funds are automatically accepted, but the amount may be adjusted at the start of the semester to reflect your enrollment.

Follow these steps to view your financial aid award:

  1. Log onto your Student Center
  2. Look under the Finances section 
  3. Click on View Financial Aid
  4. Click on the correct Aid Year next to Mesa Community College

You should see your Financial Aid Award Summary.

If you don't, you haven't been offered financial aid yet or you clicked on the incorrect Aid Year. 

If the Aid Year isn't hyperlinked, then we do not have your FAFSA information for that academic year. 

Follow these steps to accept your Financial Aid Award

  1. Accept, Decline or Reduce your aid by selecting the "Correct
  2. If reducing your loan amount input the amount you would like to receive. 
  3. Click Update Total, then click on Submit

If you accept a student loan you will be required to complete Loan Entrance Counseling and you may be required to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN). Both of these items can be completed online and will be added to your Student Center To Do List after you’ve accepted a student loan.