The process of registering for classes can be complex.  Our Enrollment Guide is a tool to help you navigate that process; it contains information you may need to help you when registering for classes. 

As you look through the courses, listed in the guide on page 34, keep in mind that the guide no longer distinguishes classes offered by specific semesters, location, or day and time.  For more information about each course, visit the class schedule.

These are a few of the most important sections in the Enrollment Guide that we think will benefit you the most.  For a full listing of the information offered in the guide, visit the Contents listing on page 2.

Want to know what courses we offer?  View the course listing starting on page 34.
Academic Calendar
Interested in finding out when the semester starts, when school holidays are, or when Final Exams are scheduled?  View the Academic Calendar on page 4.
Enrollment Success Steps
Not sure how to register for classes?  Follow the steps on page 6.
Changing Your Class Schedule
Register for the wrong class?  Want to switch course times or professors?  View page 11 to learn more about changing classes.
Student Support Services
Looking for help or information on campus?  View a complete list of services available to you on page 28.
Types of Classes
Wondering what kind of classes we offer?  Visit page 9 to learn more.
Campus Maps
Which MCC location is right for you?  View the campus maps on page 60.

Feedback on the Enrollment Guide

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