Get Your Student ID Card

Being an MCC student has its perks.

Get Your Student IDGet Your Student ID

You’re almost ready for your first class at MCC. But before you go, stop by Enrollment Services and get a student ID card.

It’s a good idea to carry your student ID card with you whenever you’re on campus — you’ll need it for library use and to get into the fitness center and language labs. But it’s also great for things like catching an MCC football game for free or stargazing at the planetarium. Plus, your MCC student ID card allows you to take advantage of off-campus student discounts too, at movie theaters, museums, theme parks, the Apple Store, and more.

To get your ID card, you’ll need to take a valid photo ID, such as a driver license, to the Enrollment Center. The card is free but replacing it will cost you $5.00.

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Southern and Dobson Campus Red Mountain Campus

Enrollment Services
Enrollment Center

Enrollment Services
Mesquite Building (1st floor)

While you’re there, get a parking sticker.

Parking Sticker

Parking is free at MCC but you do need a sticker. So, if you’re planning on driving or riding a motorcycle to campus this semester, register your vehicle and pick up a free parking sticker at the same place you got your student ID card. Convenient.

Don’t forget to bring your license plate number, and the year and make of your vehicle. The sticker is good for all Maricopa Community College locations. Click here for more information on parking.

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