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To make the enrollment process easier, MCC offers placement options for English, math, and reading courses: high school transcript review and/or placement tests. Maricopa Community Colleges now use multiple placement options to determine college course placement for students. The placement methods listed below are effective for enrollment into courses beginning in the Summer 2019 term.

Placement with a high school transcript

Submit High School Transcripts Online

If you have attended high school within the past 10 years and have completed at least two years of high school, you can submit your high school transcript for placement.

Submit your high school transcripts online or in-person to Admissions & Records. When you meet with an advisor, take an unofficial copy of your high school transcripts with you.

Placement with an ACT score

Request your ACT scores be sent to the college of choice if your ACT scores are within the last 5 years.

Placement with a GED score

Request your GED scores be sent to the college of choice if your GED scores are from 2014 or after.

Placement with a Placement Test

Our other option is to take a placement test. You will need to take a placement test if any of the following are true:

  • You are currently a high school freshman or sophomore
  • Your cumulative high school GPA is below a 2.6 AND you do not have an eligible ACT score or GED score
  • Your high school transcripts are older than 10 years
  • You wish to place in a higher level of English, Math, or Reading
  • Your high school transcripts are from outside the United States

Please note:

These tests are not admissions tests, but rather, a way to determine your best options for reading, English, and math classes.

Determining Your Placement

Please use the following criteria to better understand placement through high school transcripts, ACT scores, or GED scores:


Your Criteria


High School GPA

3.0 or above*

2.6 - 2.99

Below 2.6

Cumulative, unweighted GPA
At least 2 years of HS
No more than 10 years out of HS


22 or above


Below 18

Placement based on individual subject area test scores.
Scores are valid for 5 years.




Below 165

Only valid for tests taken during or after 2014

Course Type

Your Options



ENG 101

ENG 101

Take Writeplacer



MAT15X or 187

MAT 14X or 12X








*Presidents’ Honors Scholarship Eligibility: Completion of a secondary education program in Maricopa County (including NCA-accredited, charter, private, religious high schools, homeschool), with a final, unweighted, GPA of 3.25 or higher.

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