Seek Academic Advisement

Chart a course for academic success.

Academic Advising

At this point, it’s important to connect with an academic advisor. Together, you’ll discuss your education goals and explore the options available to you at MCC. You’ll choose a program of study, determine what classes to take, and find the campus resources you need. In short, you and your advisor will chart a course for academic success.

New Student Advisement Options

All students new to college (with no prior or university credits) or new to Maricopa Community College District - will be required to meet with an Academic Advisor in order to register for classes for most programs of study. You can fulfill this requirement by attending a New Student Advising session "Thunderbird Experience" at the Southern and Dobson campus, or meeting with an advisor individually at the Red Mountain campus.

Thunderbird Experience: New Student Advising

Available for Southern and Dobson campus students, this is a group advising session that allows you to meet with other students and discuss important aspects of college success. You will be introduced to the programs MCC offers, various resources available to you as a student, discuss important policies, and register for classes with the assistance of an advisor.

Please ensure you have completed your testing requirements and been admitted prior to attending a session.

Please sign up for a Thunderbird Experience session by visiting the New Student Room (EC114) in the Enrollment Center. They are currently available Monday-Thursday 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 3:00 pm. Starting in August, they will also be available on Fridays at 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.

General Academic Advisement

Click the button below to learn more about overall advising and to connect with an academic advisor individually. When you’ve arranged for advisement, return to this page and proceed to the next step.

Connect with an Advisor

Special Advising Instructions

Please note that there are special advising instructions for certain programs, for athletes, and for international students. Click on an option below to see these instructions.


Students interested in any nursing program are required to attend an information session which provides in-depth information, enrollment guidance, and academic advising on the Nursing program. Only students who attend an Advising & Information session may see a Nursing Advisor one on one. Please visit the Nursing website for more information about these sessions.

Music Performance & Music Education

Students interested in Music programs should contact the Music Department.

Architecture, Construction, & Interior Design

Students interested in Applied Sciences programs should contact the Applied Sciences & Technology Department.

Networking & Security / Network Academy

Students interested in the Networking & Security program or the Network Academy should contact the Networking & Security Program Director.

Athletic Students

All Athletic Students should contact a Student Support representative for athletic advising assistance.

International Students

The Office of International Education has been established to assist you in complying with all federal regulations. Keep in mind, however, that it is your personal responsibility to see that you comply with all regulations. Please call the International Education Office 480-461-7758 or International Admissions 480-461-7600 whenever you have questions related to immigration regulations.

Veteran Students

Assistance for students who are veterans is available from Veteran Services.

American Indian Students

The American Indian Institute is available to assist you with the advisement process.

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