Walkstation Benefits

Try It Out For Yourself

The Center for Teaching and Learning has a Walkstation available to try.  Call or contact the Front Desk to schedule a time or demonstration.

Did You Know?

Walkstation by SteelcaseWalk your way to better health! Health guidelines emphasizing 30 minutes of exercise a day may be ‘undone’ if the person spends the remaining 15.5 hours in sedentary time. Too little exercise, too much sitting: Inactivity Physiology Study 2008

Movement helps energize the mind. Increasing flow of oxygen and glucose to brain:

  •  Increases the release of endorphins
  • Helps create new neurons
  • Causes frontal lobes to grow in size
  • Helps the brain run faster and more efficiently

“The simple movement walking provides increases cognitive function, health and energy.”
-Dr James Levine

Experts recommend breaks from sitting every 60 minutes.

  • Informal poll of attendees of “The Science of Sedentary Behavior” conference sponsored by Standford Center on Longevity and Steelcase Inc., July 2010
  • Movement improves brain function, mental abilities, performance speed, ease of learning, detail recollection and reduced levels of anxiety and depression.

Brain Builders!

  • A Lifelong Guide to Sharper Thinking, Better Memory, and an Age-Proof Mind,” by Richard Leviton, 1995
  • Exercise to Process Information More Efficiently p. 253

By standing, you burn three times as many calories as you do sitting.