Current Representatives

Your current Staff Senate is

Lori Berg, Administrative Specialist Sr, Social & Behavioral Sciences
Joy Bickham, Academic Affairs Program Coordinator, Office of the Deans of Instruction
Beth Bittner Biebrich, Student Service Specialist - Senior, Red Mountain Enrollment Services
Pamela Cyr, Student Services Specialist, Testing
Arlene DeLeon, Student Service Specialist, Enrollment Services
Hiba Ghaffor, Student Services Specialist, Financial Aid / Enrollment services
Erica Horihan, Coordinator of Student Life & Leadership (RM), Student Life & Leadership
David Levy, Technology Support Specialist - Senior, Tech Services Media
Lua Maloney, Human Resources Specialist - Senior, Human Resources
Kristina Miller, Instructional Support Services Coordinator, Instructional Support Services
Lucy Rayford, Student Services Specialist, Admissions and Records
Shannon Ridgeway-Monaco, Instructional Services Coordinator, Course Management
Teresa Toscano, Student Service Specialist, Student Financial Services

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