Posting, Selection, & Lateral Exchanges & Transfers

Staff Policy Manual

Policy C-1



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Applicable Law/Statute: None

Source Doc/Dept: ALL-CPD/HR

Authorizing GB Pol/Reg.

GB Policy 3.3

A. Purpose. To set out specific limitations related to recruiting, selecting, and hiring candidates for Regular, Board-approved employment positions.

B. Applicability. All Regular, Board-approved employment positions.

C. Policy.

1. Generally the philosophy of the District is to post all vacant positions, to encourage professional advancement for its employees, and to give internal priority consideration to qualified MCCCD candidates for all vacant positions for which they apply while simultaneously ensuring equal opportunity.

2. Posting and Selection Process.

a. Internal Process.

i. Eligibility. All Regular, Board-approved and specially-funded employees, as well as eligible Skills Center employees, are considered internal applicants. Temporary, timecard, and short term (including adjuncts, athletic specialists, and OYO/OSOs) are not considered internal applicants.

ii. Length of Advertising. When a vacancy occurs, the District or College Human Resources Department will advertise the opening for a minimum of five consecutive working days internally before advertising externally.
a) A vacancy will only be posted internally and externally simultaneously with approval of the Employee Group President and College President/Vice Chancellor. The exception to this is PSA grades three through seven which can be posted internally and externally simultaneously without pre-approval.

iii. Internal Screening. Internal applications will be screened and internal qualified (minimum qualifications for PSA) applicants will be interviewed prior to the screening of external applications.

a) Exceptions.

I. PSA employees. Internal applicants who meet minimum requirements of a position will receive interviews.
II. MAT. For MAT 20-21 positions, if there are less than four internal applicants, the committee can screen and interview internal and external applicants simultaneously.

iv. Committee Configuration. A minimum of one subject matter expert/Crafts personnel of the same position/same trade as the position to be filled must be on the Selection Committee.

v. Interviews. Applicants selected for an interview will be notified at least three working days prior to the appointment time of the interview. If a personal conflict exists that makes it impractical for an applicant to be present for a designated interview, an attempt will be made to reschedule the appointment within a reasonable time frame such that it is convenient for both the applicant and the interviewer(s). The internal applicant will be granted release time to participate in interviews.

vi. Selection

a) If an internal applicant is not selected for an interview, the employee may ask HR to provide feedback and HR will provide the information.

b) If the committee decides not to hire an internal candidate following the internal interviews, the qualified internal applicant will be rolled into the external pool.

c) For M&O, other qualifications being equal, preference will be given to the internal candidate/employee with more seniority.

d) External Process for all Board-approved positions except Faculty and Certified Public Safety Officers.

i. Length. Jobs will be posted externally for a minimum of five consecutive working days.

ii. Screening. All applicants will be screened for minimum and desired qualifications.

iii. Interviews. Applicants will be notified at least three working days (if feasible) prior to the appointment time for an interview.

iv. Selection and Hiring Process

a) All. Recommendation for employment shall be made by the College President/Vice Chancellor. Final selection of candidates for employment is predicated on the candidates successfully completing all phases of the process.

b) PSA. A minimum of three, if feasible, final candidates will be forwarded to the
College President/Vice Chancellor or designee for review and recommendation.

c) Case-by-case modifications or exceptions to the hiring procedures may occur when a written agreement is reached between the Employee Group’s Executive Board and the Vice Chancellor for Human Resources or designee.

d) Miscellaneous.

i. Employees are encouraged to use the career counseling/advisement services available at any college in the Maricopa Community College District. While there is no designated career counselor in the Employment Office, Employment Staff will assist employees desiring guidance, to the extent possible.

ii. PSA Only. If an internal-transfer PS employee underwent a competitive hiring process to obtain an OSO, OYO, or Specially-Funded PS position and the PS position becomes permanently institutionally funded, then the PS employee may be permanently reassigned without an additional competitive hiring process with approval of the College President / Vice Chancellor. The PS employee will not be subject to a probationary period, providing the employee has been in the OSO, OYO, or Specially-Funded position for more than two months.

iii. PSA Only. After three One Year Only or six One Semester Only assignments for the same position/employee, if the position is to be continued, the College/District will recognize a need for a Regular, Board-approved position. If a College/District office wishes to extend a position/employee past three years, this can be done by requesting an approval through the HR Solutions Center and the PSA Executive President.

iv. Crafts Only. All applicants must have a journeyman card.

3. Lateral Exchanges.

For Regular, Board-approved employees in good standing who have completed their initial probationary period.

a. If two Regular, Board-approved employees who are currently working at the same grade, classification/title, and an equal amount of employment hours (i.e. both employees at 1.00 FTE, 0.75 FTE, 0.50 FTE, etc.) would like to exchange positions and each of the employees meets the qualifications for the proposed exchange, then the employees will be interviewed by the supervisor(s) of the proposed exchange. If both employees’ supervisors, Vice Presidents, and College Presidents/Vice Chancellors agree, then each employee may be laterally exchanged. There will be no probationary period for either employee.

b. Any of the parties listed above has up to 90 days to annul this exchange. The two employees would then return to their previous positions. This annulment provision does not apply to exchanges involving Crafts employees.

c. Employees who have passed their initial probationary period are eligible. Internally-funded Specially-Funded employees are eligible. Employees who are currently on corrective action, under disciplinary action, or who have performance evaluations less than satisfactory are not eligible for a Lateral Exchange.

4. Lateral Transfers.

Applies only to Crafts, M&O, and Public Safety employees:

a. Employees may transfer to different locations throughout the District. All transfers will agree with the provisions of this section. A transfer is defined as a change of location within the same classification.

b. A request for transfer form must be submitted to the District Human Resources Department. Properly filed transfer request forms will be given consideration during the fiscal year filed. Transfer request forms will be kept on file for one fiscal year. An employee must file a new transfer request each fiscal year. The District Human Resources Department will process all transfer requests prior to advertising.

c. Once a posting request is received in the District Human Resources Department, the Human Resources staff must process all applicable transfer requests currently on file before advertising the vacant position.

d. The District Human Resources Department shall notify the appropriate supervisor and arrange for the employee and the supervisor to discuss the transfer. Every attempt will be made to allow lateral transfers where the transfer mutually benefits the employee and the District. If the transfer is acceptable, the District Human Resources Department shall notify the employee and his/her supervisor of the approval to transfer. There are no reversion rights to the previous position.

e. Unsuccessful lateral transfer applicants will be notified by the District Human Resources Department. The applicant may then submit an application through the internal/external process.

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