Call 9-1-1 in any life-threatening situation

In Case of an Emergency Evacuation

  1. Evacuate First!
  2. Do not ignore alarms.
  3. NEVER assume it's only a drill.
  4. Activate fire alarm.
    (Fire Department/Public Safety respond to all fire alarms.)
  5. Take employee list/classroom roster and emergency kit.
  6. Never use elevators during an evacuation.
  7. Walk up or down the stairs single file on your right.
  8. Emergency/fire personnel have been instructed to keep to the left.
  9. Follow normal evacuation drill route.
  10. Follow alternate route if normal route is too dangerous.
  11. Evacuate to your designated assembly area.
  12. Supervisors and faculty take a head count after being evacuated.
  13. Report missing personnel/students to evacuation team/Public Safety.
  14. Relay last known location of missing personnel/students.
  15. Do not re-enter building(s) until entire building(s) is/are declared safe by fire/police.
  16. You will be notified when situation is clear and normal operations may resume.

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