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PG Representative:

Employees of each policy group govern the use of annually budgeted Professional Growth funds, and are asked to maintain the rights of the individual employee to self-select the personal and professional growth opportunities for which they request support.

Apply for Professional Growth

Download and complete one application for professional growth funds. Submit two copies of the completed form (one original set with signatures - one copied set with signatures) to Janet Felton by the first Wednesday of each month for consideration at the Professional Growth Committee Meeting the following Thursday.

Apply for Professional Growth online using FMS || District Professional Growth

The Fine Print

The intent of MAT Professional Growth funds is to provide an additional form of employee benefit. As stated in the MAT Policy, 17.2., Professional Growth funds are designed to provide the employee with the opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops, or to complete special projects. Professional Growth funds are used to cover travel, registration, tuition reimbursement, and related expenses that are associated with the activity, but are not used to support a replacement staff member during the employee’s absence.

Regular budgeting for departmental or program related staff development requirements should not assume that the alternative use of Professional Growth funds would be available to compensate for budget shortfalls. While it is assumed that employees may request to use Professional Growth funds for job-related as well as non job-related activities, the choice remains solely the employee’s.