MAT Employee Group

Wellness Incentives FAQ -pdf
MAT Bylaws - pdf
MAT Dues Form - doc

Compensation and certification forms are available here on their respective pages.

The purpose of this organization is to represent MAT employees in contract, benefit negotiations, and to support MAT employees by recognizing, developing, and promoting the needs of the MAT membership.

Resilience Training

Here is the PowerPoint of the presentation by our Resilience coach. Download  here. [3.5Mb) 

This is a reduced size pdf. If you have difficulties with this file please email for a copy of the original which is 5.3 Mb.

Mat Dues are $15

Become a dues-paying MAT employee and reap the benefits of membership. Complete the dues payment form  located here.

Your MAT dues help to 

  • Provide support for the annual MAT conferences
  • Cover operating costs for the MAT Executive Council office and MAT working committees
  • Provide exploratory funds for legal assistance that may be required by MAT members during grievance proceedings

Dues can be paid with direct payroll withdrawal by completing and submitting the Dues forms to your unit president or the dues coordinator.

Our Mission

The mission of MAT is to continually improve the ability of the MAT Executive Council to provide leadership and services to represent and respond to the changing needs of the Maricopa County Community College District MAT membership.

We strive to:

  • To encourage an open, positive, and fear-free work environment.
  • To improve the process of Collaborative Deliberations for MAT policies, salaries, and benefits.
  • To ensure due process is followed regarding MAT policies.
  • To promote MAT representation on District and college decision making bodies including, but not limited to: Financial Advisory Council, budget development committee, other executive committees.
  • To enhance Professional Growth, Sabbaticals and renewal opportunities.
  • To advance the Statement of Values (adopted 1995), as described in the MCCCD Vision Statement, with regard to our working relationships with employees, students, and the community.

We encourage you to become a dues-paying member of your MAT Employee group and help support our mission.