Instructional Support Services at Red Mountain

MCC Red Mountain Instructional Support Services

RM Instructional Support

Distribution List :
Email any requests to DL

Coordinator Contact Info:

Kristina Miller
P. 480.654.7734

Red Mountain Office Locations


Saguaro Building
P. 480-654-7501
Hours: Mon-Thu 7:30am - 6:00pm

Palo Verde Building
P. 480-654-7720
Hours: Mon-Thu 7:30am - 6:00pm

Acacia Village
P. 480-654-7765 Hours: CLOSED

Instructional Support Services serves as a gateway to many faculty and student support services on the MCC Red Mountain Campus.

The three office locations on campus are designed to assist faculty with administrative support, navigate student concerns, and provide general guidance to visitors of the campus. Each office location has specialized areas that provide assistance such as the CTL, Counseling Services, and Student lounges with computer access.

There are office spaces available for split faculty and adjunct instructors from MCC Southern and Dobson to prep for classes, hold office hours, and utilize online resources.

The main office location is in the Saguaro Building located on the 2nd floor (S276) and is staffed by the Instructional Support Services Cooridnator. The remaining locations offer administrative specialist support and are ready to assist with any request.

Please see the map for office locations: RDM Campus Map

Acacia Village (V116A)

Palo Verde (P214)

Saguaro (S276)