Instructional Support Services at Red Mountain

We Offer Assistance With

RM Instructional Support

Distribution List :
Email any requests to DL

Red Mountain Office Locations

Saguaro Building
P. 480-654-7734
F. 480-654-7550
Hours: MTWR 7:00am - 7:30pm
Friday 7:00am - 3:00pm

Palo Verde Building
P. 480-654-7720
F. 480-654-7372
Hours: MTWR 7:00am - 7:30pm
Friday Closed

Acacia Village
P. 480-654-7765
F. 480-654-7249
Hours: MTWR 7:00am - 7:30pm
Friday Closed

Coordinator Contact Info:

Kristina Miller


  • Email Distribution list with information
  • No more prearranged forms to fill out
  • Post cancellation signs and/or office hour signs
  • Find subs / proctors if needed through department list
  • Process & submit dock subs and time tickets
  • Get required signatures and notify all parties
  • Deliver originals to HR
  • Accurate records filed in Saguaro Building


  • Enter book adoption requests
  • Contact book reps for copies of books and/or needed codes
  • Send copies of text to the library for reserves

Copy Center & Mail

  • Distribute all copy center jobs & mail
  • Emergency jobs – quick turn around and delivered to you
  • Staple / Collate for you
  • Distribute packages to individual faculty offices (books, materials)
  • Interoffice campus mail

Enrollment Assistance

  • Quick enroll, permissions, & add/drop.
  • Ability to switch student with department
  • permission Issue permission numbers
  • Call students who need to be or have been dropped for pre-reqs and enroll in appropriate course
  • Call students who have been dropped for non-payment to assist with re-enrollment


  • Run / Process Scantrons – testing, evaluations, CLA’s
  • Enter info into Google Docs, shared folders, or a spreadsheet
  • Keep Emergency stock on hand for students
  • Send copies of text to the library for reserves

Work Orders

  • Call in emergency work orders
  • Maintenance and operations requests

Faculty – Administrative Duties

  • Create office door schedules (template)
  • Contact information list for - faculty & adjunct
  • List of Substitutes – Discipline specific / proctor only
  • Emergency proctor test situations (15min)
  • Announcements - running late / hold class
  • Look up student contact info / Check prerequisite &/or placement requirements
  • Assist student with add/drop form & overrides
  • Grade change – assist with electronic or paper form
  • Permission numbers w/ dept. permission – ok to process
  • Run Department Perc Reports and/or individual class reports
  • 25Live Pro – schedule rooms (temporary & permanent)
  • Accept homework – keep written log
  • Copies of attendance sheets
  • Assist with setting up counseling appt. for student
  • Assist with policy and regulations – HR, A&R, and District
  • Survey - Test proctor

Other Administrative Duties

  • HLC Syllabus Compliant - files saved 5 years
  • Room inventory, clean-up, and accurate cap of enrollment numbers
  • Assist with 45 th day rosters
  • Grades – assist with entering and missing grades
  • Create Assignments and RPS employee contracts
  • Create Grant stipends
  • Create 09 – Adjunct overload forms
  • Create Supervision forms
  • Run Course fees and create reports for governing board
  • Run Boexi reports – assist with proofing / editing schedule (drafts etc.)
  • Process Changes to Master Schedule – including add / cancel
  • Help with budget requests and orders using department budget account
  • Official Function Forms – create and process
  • Take and record meeting minutes
  • Scan documents to appropriate parties
  • Assist and resolve student concerns; including schedule, placement, enrollment, and tutoring