Math Tutor Appreciation Dinner

Patrick Burkhart, provost of the Red Mountain campus, thanks studentsPatrick Burkhart, provost of the Red Mountain campus, thanks students On Monday, April 28, thirteen students participated in an appreciation dinner for math tutors at the Red Mountain campus. Patrick Burkhart, provost of the Red Mountain campus, thanked students for their efforts in promoting success in developmental math courses.

The dinner was sponsored by Red Mountain math faculty in conjunction with the Service Learning and Honors programs. Jennifer Wood, residential math faculty at the Red Mountain campus, is responsible for continuing the PASS: Math program during Spring Semester 2014. The Peer Advocates for Student Success: Math program began as a college project for Phi Theta Kappa during Fall Semester 2013.

The program has been extended with the cooperation of the Service Learning and Honors programs. Honors and other high performing students are recruited to volunteer time in developmental math classes to assist peers in learning and applying mathematical concepts under the guidance of the math professor. Three of Professor Wood’s former students became peer tutors this semester. During the spring, MCC students donated 140 volunteer hours toward the project.

Professor Wood noted some important outcomes for the three developmental math sections that hosted peer advocates/tutors, including an 82.2% retention rate by the final week of classes.  “I think they are staying because they are getting the help they need in class and they are still learning something every time they come to class,” Professor Wood explained. She also said that having student tutors in the classroom has created a culture of collaboration. “[Last Tuesday] when one student finished his assignment he turned to his classmate and asked her if she needed help.”