English Foundations Center

The new furniture and laptops in the English Foundations CenterLocation

EF Building
Rooms 1N

The Foundations for Student Success (FSS), a Title III-Part A Grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education, has designed an English Foundations Center for developmental students enrolled in the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP).

The EF 1N classroom has been outfitted with new furniture and laptops to promote the integration of technology and collaboration in the first-year composition course. Additionally, a portion of the Academic Skills Center (ASC) has been redesigned to create a smaller breakout room for the ALP.

A door leads from the main classroom into the breakout room where Fundamentals of Writing students continue working on their composition assignments with their English 101 instructor.The smaller breakout room is used for the Accelerated Learning Program.English Foundations Center Lab

The breakout room also connects students directly to the tutoring services in the ASC. This design facilitates a seamless transition for ALP students as they move from one learning environment to the next.

The redesign of the physical context of the ALP involves a partnership between the FSS, English Department, Learning Enhancement, and M&O. Construction began in May 2014 and was completed in July 2014.

The center opened Fall Semester 2014 and accommodates a number of ALP sections.