Travel Announcements

  • Travel changes in FMS:
    • The Maximum parking rate reimbursement is now $9/day
    • Professional Growth (PG) Airfare is limited to a maximum of 25% estimate over the airfare quote amount that is submitted into FMS
    • The Function for all instructor related travel is "Instruction"
    • Travel Authorizations & Expense Reports in FMS must have a description with details as entailed in: MCC FMS Process Change for Descriptions & Department Use
  • FY2016/17 Annual Travel Acknowledgment Disclosure is now available and is due prior to any travel taking place

Travel Administrative Regulation (AR 1.15)

Updates to this regulation were made as of July 1, 2013.

Changes to Travel Regulation

  • Annual Travel Acknowledgement

  • MCCCD Travel Website

  • International Travel Forms