Procurement Card - ProCard

The Procurement Card - ProCard is a corporate liability credit card that is issued to full-time MCCCD employees for the purposes of purchasing items for their department. The ProCard is tied to the employee's FMS Department and transactions are reconciled monthly in FMS.

Procard Deadlines:

  • Cardholders/Reviewers need to approve all Procard transactions within the week they occur. Please make sure to start checking FMS each week and reconciling any posted transactions by the end of business each Friday.

Procard Reminders:

  • Cardholders must verify the charges in FMS are reflective of the purchases requested and are not fraudulent.
  • Original, itemized invoices/receipts must be scanned into FMS and attached to each expense.
  • Each transaction in FMS must have a description with details as entailed in MCC FMS Process Change for Descriptions & Department Use.
  • Please visit the MCCCD Purchasing webpage for FMS Reconciliation Procedures.
  • In FMS, the Tax Paid check-box will always be check marked for purchases made from vendors in the State of Arizona, even if no tax is paid (for Goods Only).

Restricted/Prohibited Purchases on ProCard:

  • Any Official Function (OFF) Purchases (1)
  • All Services (2)
  • Capital and/or Taggable Items:
    • $ Amount > $1,000 unit cost + shipping + tax (greater than)
      • All items > $1,000 unit cost + shipping + tax
    • $ Amount < $1,000 unit cost + shipping + tax (less than)
      • Printers, Scanners, Monitors, Fax Machines, and Various Peripheral Devices (including, but not limited to: TV's, Hard drives, Flash drives, Cameras, Media Streaming Devices- i.e. Roku Apple TV, X-Box) < $1,000 unit cost + shipping + tax (4)
    • $ Amount = Any unit cost
      • Software at any cost (4)
      • Computers (Desktops, Laptops, Mac Mini's, etc.), Handheld Devices (iPad's, Tablets, etc.), etc. at any cost (3)
  • Personal Purchases
  • To view a completed list of Restricted/prohibited Purchases please review the MCCCD Procard Policy & Procedures
  • First Aid kits may only have the recommended items from The American Red Cross

(1) May be allowable with prior Fiscal approval

  • OFF must indicate ProCard under the form of payment (Req/LPO) box & preferably the cardholder's name
  • Approved OFF must be date stamped, initialed, and assigned an OFF # by Fiscal Services prior to the purchase date and the approved OFF must be attached as backup

(2) May be allowable with prior District approval (in rare circumstances)

(3) All purchases must go through College Technology Services; please see MCC's College Technology Services website, Documents & Forms Section, Forms sub-section

(4) May be allowable with prior College Technology Services approval (approval email must be uploaded as back-up and approval must be obtained prior to the purchase date); please see MCC's College Technology Services website, Documents & Forms Section, Forms sub-section

For additional questions contact

District Purchasing Card Site

Finding Closed Transactions