The ProCard is an American Express Card issued to individual MCCCD employees for the purposes of purchasing items for their division without the hassle of requisitions, purchase orders and invoices.

The ProCard is designated to only one charge center and the charges are approved on-line monthly by the card holder, his/her designated approver (supervisor) and the Director College Fiscal Services.

The card holder and designated approver are required to go through the training and complete the ProCard application. The ProCard can only be used for goods/supplies purchases. Purchase of services or any purchase associated with an official function are limited and need prior approval by Fiscal Services.

Please contact Diane Gunkel, Ext. 1-7909 if you are interested in getting a ProCard for your purchasing needs.

ProCard Reminders:

  • Cardholders must verify that the charges seen online via CAR are reflective of the charges processed.
  • Original, itemized invoice/receipts must be scanned into CAR an attached to each expense.
  • Each transaction in CAR must have the item details in the "Additional Transaction Detail" fields completed. These fields should be used to tell an auditor what was purchased, how it will be used and for who it was purchased. You can also include the charge account if you need the transaction relocated to a different account.
  • JV's for Procard are NOT allowed. The regular purchasing process of issuing a PO can be used for these expenses.
  • Please visit the MCCCD Purchasing webpage for CAR Reconciliation Procedures.

 Restricted/Prohibited Purchases on ProCard:

  • Any Official Function Purchases (1)
  • All Services
  • Capital or Taggable Items
  • Computers, Software, Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines, and Other Peripheral Devices [at any cost]
  • Personal Purchases
  • To view a completed list of Restricted/prohibited Purchases please review the MCCCD Purchasing Card User's Guide.

(1) May be allowable with prior Fiscal approval, contact Diane Gunkel, Ext. 1-7909 for further information.


  • Travel has NOT been opened for use on the PCard at MCC. We are in the testing/Pilot phase and the category isn't opened for use on the individual purchasing cards.

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